Come living in Canary Islands. Why and how?

Come living at Canaries can definitely mean a major lifestyle choice as it can be a big change from the habits and the lifestyle we lead in our country. But it can be a choice that brings thousands advantages! Below i will try to list a few: – Cost of living . The Canary Islands enjoy a special tax regime examples […]

Wind and weather forecast Fuerteventura

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You are looking for the best beach to relax in Fuerteventura? Want to know the best conditions on the island to surf? offers you the following wind forecasting advantage of the site on the north (el cotillo) to the center (fuerteventura airport) and the south of the island (sotavento playa). Consult them and choose the best location […]

Best beaches in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is definitely much famed for its stunning beaches that offers to the millions of visitors each year choose it as a destination for their holidays, it can be said that in Fuerteventura is very hard to choice best beach to visit. To the north we can find desert’s beaches from white to golden plunging into the […]

witch is the best Island in Canary Islands? – Check our guide


What is the best island to live or at least just to go on vacation? We speak of course of the four main islands of Spanish arcipelago: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Below, we offer you our impressions had turning the various islands. TENERIFE Tenerife is definitely the most famous island of the Canary islands, attires even […]

Fuerteventura climate and weather in January February or March and April?

In Fuerteventura the climate is pleasant throughout the year the contrast between the trade winds that blow on the islands in contrast to the dry heat coming from the neighboring African continent create favorable climate conditions, with hot summers but almost never very hot and mild winters but almost never fresh. The island can therefore […]