Albania climate and weather in September, October, November and December.


Well, with our month-by-month guide to the world’s climates, we will try to give you a hand in figuring out what the weather will be like in Albania from September to December.

Albania Climate in September and October

The weather in Albania in September and October remains pleasant. September is a pleasant continuation of summer, with highs around 27 degrees (referring to the capital Tirana) and lows at night around 15. In the evenings a jacket will be necessary, but during the day clothing will remain purely summery, and you can continue to enjoy the sea for those who have chosen Albania as a seaside holiday destination. The waters of the Mediterranean in fact stay above 20 degrees in September and only in the second half of October do they generally drop below that threshold. In October, on the other hand, a gradual transition towards the autumn season begins to be felt, with temperatures gradually dropping, although, on the coast, October can still boast very pleasant temperatures in Albania. Rainfall, which in September was still quite scarce, starts to become more insistent in October.

Climate in November and December in Albania

November and December in Albania are the months, as in the entire Mediterranean belt, of the actual transition to winter weather. Maximum temperatures drop well below 20 degrees in November to an average of 13 in December, while night-time lows are 7 degrees in November and 3 in December. The sea is now well below 20 degrees and rainy days are back in abundance with the possibility, inland especially, of some snowfall.

November and December can therefore be good months to visit Albanian cities, but don’t forget to dress warmly and be prepared for bad weather.

Average tempsSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
Min (°C)141073
Max (°C)27221613

Now that you have an idea of the weather conditions that you will find in Albania during the autumn months of the year, we invite you to click on the links below to read about the weather in the following months.

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