Bali weather an climate in May, June, July and August


Climate in Bali from May to August

Who would not want to stay at least a week in this beautiful paradise on earth? Bali, one of Indonesia’s best-loved islands because of its sublimely beautiful scenery and more, has millions of tourists all year round

Although it can be hit by tropical cyclones, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. For those who want to plan a great holiday at this time of year for fun and relaxation, let’s see what the weather is like from May to August and find out the best time to go.

Bali climate from May to June

At this time of year, Bali is characterised by a dry season where the rains have finally ceased, the humidity rate has decreased and the sun shines in all its fullness and splendour on a completely clear sky. The hours of sunshine are 9 in May and 10 in June.

It continues to be hot, the maximum temperature in May being 31° while in June it drops by 1 degree

For those who love the sea, the water is very warm, hovering around 29°C.

Bali climate from July to August

In July and August, the temperature drops a few degrees, but it is still hot. You do not feel the humidity and can breathe slightly pleasant air on the island. Rainfall is almost completely absent, especially in August. In fact, the recorded rainfall in this month of the year is 15 mm.

It is the fine days that are the protagonists in this season. In July and August there are approximately 10 hours of sunshine. It is advisable to carry a very high sunscreen, as the sun is very strong.

The sea waters remain warm despite the fact that the temperature may drop a few degrees

What is the best time to go to Bali?

There is no one month that is better than another, because from May until August are all recommended months as the rainy season is over and the dry season makes way for the dry season, so the humidity temporarily leaves the island to make way for beautiful, long days. A few showers may occur in May and June, but in most cases they occur in the early morning or late evening

Thunderstorms, on the other hand, are quite frequent in inland or mountainous areas.

Average tempsMagJunJulAug
Min (°C)23222222
Max (°C)31302929

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