Bali weather and climate in September, October, November and December


Climate in Bali from September to December

Bali is located south of the Equator, which is why it is hot all year round. The sun is almost always present, with the exception of certain periods when cyclones have the upper hand, although it must be said that the island is not directly affected. However, during their passage there is no shortage of strong gusts of wind and quite heavy rainfall.

At this point the question arises: from September to December, is it possible to plan a holiday or not because of the cyclones? Let’s find out immediately.

Climate in Bali from September to October

In both September and October, the climate continues to be pleasant. The sun shines almost every day on a completely blue sky and although the mercury can reach peaks of 30/31° C, the air is not at all stifling, but thanks to the light breezes that blow in from the coasts, it is possible to visit the island in complete peace and quiet.

The sea waters are very warm all year round, even in September and October it is possible to dive into the beautiful turquoise waters.

Rains occur very rarely, but this is for a short time yet because from the following month, then from November, their appearance is inevitable.

The days, albeit gradually, begin to shorten

Climate in Bali from November to December

The first rains start to appear in November but become very substantial in December. From November onwards, Bali can be brushed by tropical cyclones, and the risk of encountering very heavy rain and strong gusts of wind is quite high.

Although the rainy season begins, the sea water remains equally warm, never dropping below 27°.

The hours of sunshine are reduced, both in November and December you will have a maximum of 7 hours of sunshine although it will be a little difficult to see the sun shining, as clouds will have the upper hand at this time of year.

Bali, when to go?

The recommended months are September and October because the temperatures are quite pleasant and pleasant, you will not feel the humidity but the season is very dry. Bathing at this time of year is more than recommended.

As you can easily guess, the months of November and December are absolutely not recommended because the passage of cyclones brings bad weather to the whole island, so hiking or any other activity is very risky.

Average tempsSetOctNovDec
Min (°C)22232323
Max (°C)30313131

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