Best beaches in Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura is definitely much famed for its stunning beaches that offers to the millions of visitors each year choose it as a destination for their holidays, it can be said that in Fuerteventura is very hard to choice best beach to visit. To the north we can find desert’s beaches from white to golden plunging into the green of the sea with more or less imposing waves depending on the location and wind conditions. But we can always come across to the north in the beautiful coves of “El Cotillo” with white sand and clear blue sea worthy of the best places in the Mediterranean.

On the west coast the beaches are wild and mostly it comes to sheer cliffs on the ocean until it reaches the memorable southwest of Cofete beach (Playa de Cofete) where long beaches are interrupted by the mountains that drop straight over them. The southern part instead in the Jandia Peninsula is characterized by long sandy beaches from white to golden stretching for several kilometers. How not to mention the various beaches of Sotavento, Malnombre, playa de la barca or Risco El Paso.

However anywhere you choose to spend the day the first thing to do is check the situation of any clouds (especially in winter) and the wind, then let yourself be guided by our guide below!



When leaving the town of Corralejo, in the direction of Puerto del Rosario, we run to south in a succession of desert golden sand dunes, it is right in the heart of the natural park called “Parque Natural Dunas de Corralejo” that we can find las Grandes playas . Wonderful because of the green water in contrast with long golden sand beaches. These beaches are the first “obbligate stop” for those visiting the island of Fuerteventura. You can also admire many fans and students of Kyte surfing school surfing and wind surfing.


El Cotillo is a north-west town of Fuerteventura, is a popular destination with tourists mostly young because is a very minimal location and perhaps has best of island beaches for surfing.

But we now come to the beaches. Moving northward in the “Faro del Toston” area you can admire  wonderful beaches with natural pools and crystal clear waters, by the green to deep blue. In contrast from other side of el Cotillo, moving a little further west through the quaint village you can find beaches set in the cliffs with really impressive rides waves sometimes a bit at all hours by swarms of students of various surf schools present at El Cotillo, in nearby Lajares and Corralejo. El Cotillo is truly an unmissable stop for visitors to Fuerteventura.




Playa de la barca is another amazing place in the island, is located in the extreme south of Fuerteventura (Sotavento area). The breathtaking landscape that gives us already from high when you get it is confirmed dropping down. Here among the various well marked areas and uniforms for surfing, kyte surfing and windsurfing you can make beautiful bathrooms in the blue and green waters of this vast beach.





The playa Risco el Paso is located a few kilometers from playa de la Barca and it is actually a continuation driving to south to Morro Jable, here the size of the beach is even more immense and during high tide can find a lagoon  inside the single strip of sand that emerges. It creates a stunning contrast. Once again a great place in Fuerteventura.






Playa Cofete is for many people the most beautiful beach in Fuerteventura, it certainly is the most impressive and can be reached after about 50 minutes of dirt road starting from Morro Jable and when you get there … the show is breathtaking. The waves of the angry ocean slamming shut on the golden beach, overlooking the Rocky Mountains at its back. The atmosphere is surreal and at Cofete you can really experience the feeling of being in a unique, pristine place.

With this article we have listed the main beaches to visit, there will be other articles to describe a thousand other fantastic beaches of the island to spend pleasant hours on the beach or go surfing.

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