Berlin weather and climate in May, June, July and August


Berlin weather from May to August

What is the weather like in Germany’s capital during the summer? Are the temperatures pleasantly pleasant or not? Let’s find out immediately with this helpful article.

Berlin weather from May to June

In the first few days of May it can still be cold, but as time passes, gradually the thermometer begins to rise, reaching peaks of 19°C. The days get longer, in fact there are 7 hours of sunshine a day from May to June.

For those interested in visiting the German capital, this is a good time to go. Of course, there is no shortage of precipitation, but it occurs infrequently and with a less than moderate intensity. However, it is always a good idea to take some warm clothing with you, such as sweatshirts and jumpers, as the air will be very cool especially in the evenings.

In June, daytime temperatures hover around 22°C. The nights are also rather cool in this month. There may be some disturbances, bringing some cool, cloudy days. Rainfall in June is thunderstorms, with heavy clouds discharging suddenly and heavily and then giving way to sunshine and completely blue skies

Berlin climate from July to August

The summer is not sultry or scorching unlike in many European cities, but this should not stop tourists from wanting to stay for a few days in this city because there are so many tourist attractions to visit

In both July and August, temperatures are around 24 °C. On some days the thermometer can rise to as high as 30 °C, but this can last no more than two days at the most. There can even be intense heat waves with highs of up to 38°, but these occur infrequently and last only a day or two

The dry heat often alternates with mostly afternoon thunderstorms bringing pleasantly cool air

August is the month where it often rains, nevertheless it is an excellent time to visit the city anyway

The days gradually begin to shorten and if in July the hours of sunshine are 8 hours, in August they drop to 7 hours.

Although the weather can be pleasant at this time, as well as bringing light clothes and open-toed shoes, don’t forget to pack some jumpers and sweatshirts, especially if you go out at night. Temperatures drop considerably. In July and August, the seasonal minimum is 14°.

Average tempsMagJunJulAug
Min (°C)9121414
Max (°C)19222424

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