Climate in Helsinki in January, February, March and April


Helsinki is a wonderful city to visit during the winter months, from January to April. The climate is cold but not too cold, with average temperatures ranging from -2°C to +5°C. The city offers a wide range of activities to do, such as visiting the famous Kauppatori fish market or strolling along the banks of the Vantaa River. If you are a nature lover, you can also visit the Nuuksio National Park or take a boat trip to Lake Saimaa. Helsinki is a city rich in history and culture, with a wide variety of museums, galleries and theatres to visit.

Helsinki’s climate in January

January is a cold and windy month in Helsinki, with average temperatures ranging from -3°C to -6°C. Snow is plentiful throughout the month, with an average of about 20 cm of snow falling. Snow can also fall at higher temperatures, but it usually melts quickly. The days are short, with only about 5 hours of sunlight per day. The temperature of the sea water is about 0°C, so it is very cold. The coldest days are usually the most windy, so it is important to be prepared with warm, waterproof clothing. The climate in January is also very humid, with an average humidity of 75%. Rainfall is abundant, with an average of about 40 mm of rain or snow. Although January is a cold month, there are still plenty of things to do in Helsinki. You can visit museums, go shopping, go to Christmas markets, go on boat trips, go to winter festivals and much more. So, despite the cold weather, January is a great time to visit Helsinki.

Helsinki Climate in February

In February, Helsinki offers rather cold, but still pleasant weather. The average temperature during this period is about -3°C, but can reach -10°C during the coldest nights. The average amount of snow is about 20 cm, with an average of about 6 days of snowfall. The sun shines for about 5 hours a day, so there are enough hours of daylight. Rainfall is rare, with an average of about 2 rainy days in February. During the day, temperatures can rise up to 2°C, so it is advisable to bring a jacket and a hat. The nights are rather dark, so it is best to carry a torch. Despite the low temperatures, February is a great time to visit Helsinki. The weather is mild enough to allow for pleasant outdoor walking, especially in the city parks.


addition, the beauty of the snow-covered nature offers unique and breathtaking views during the winter months.

Helsinki’s climate in March

March is one of the most beautiful months of the year for visiting Helsinki. The weather is relatively mild and there is a wide variety of outdoor activities to do. The average temperature in March is around 1-3°C with the highest temperature reaching 10°C. Rainfall is abundant, but there are also sunny days. The coldest days are generally at the beginning of March, while the warmest come towards the end of the month. The Helsinki of March offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as walks in parks, canoeing and cycling. You can also visit the many museums and galleries, go shopping in the malls, and enjoy the nightlife. March is a great time to visit Helsinki and see all the attractions the city has to offer.

Helsinki’s climate in April

April is a wonderful month to visit Helsinki. The weather is generally mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from an average of 5°C to a high of 13°C. Rain is plentiful, but there are also sunny days. Sunlight is stronger and longer, with an average of 8 hours of daylight per day. The days are longer and brighter, so it is a great time to explore the city. Spring is a time of great activity, with a variety of events and festivals taking place all over the city. Nature awakens and the parks and gardens are full of flowers and life. Nightlife is also very lively, with a wide variety of bars, clubs and restaurants. April is a great time to visit Helsinki and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

How to dress

If you are planning a trip to Helsinki in January, February, March and April, make sure you are prepared for the cold temperatures. For this reason, it is important to bring warm, water-resistant clothes. A waterproof windbreaker, a heavy coat, a scarf and a hat are essential to keep warm. Snow boots are a must, especially if you plan to go hiking outside the city. In addition, it is advisable to bring a light windbreaker, a fleece sweatshirt or jumper, a scarf and a cap. For warmer days, a jacket in technical fabric, a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans are sufficient. Remember to also bring an umbrella and a waterproof bag to protect yourself from the rain.

Average Temperatures in Helsinki

Capital city: Helsinki
Month Maximum Minimum
January -3°C -8°C
February -3°C -9°C
March 2°C -5°C
April 7°C -1°C


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