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city located in the north-western part of Italy, known for its many places of interest such as the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Castle of the Paleologians. During the months of January, February, March and April, the climate is cold and cool, with average temperatures ranging between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius. During these months, the city is frequently subject to rain and snowfall, making appropriate clothing necessary. The minimum temperature can drop even below zero, so it is advisable to bring warm, waterproof clothing. Also, weather conditions can vary from day to day, so it is important to always check the weather forecast before going out.

Alexandria Climate in January

January is a cold month in Alexandria, with average temperatures ranging from a low of 4°C to a high of 10°C. Precipitation is abundant, with an average of about 80 mm of rain. Snow is quite rare, but may fall occasionally. The average sea temperature is about 10°C, so it is cold enough for swimming. Air quality is good, with an average of about 20 µg/m3 of PM10. The sun shines for about 5 hours a day, so it is a good time to enjoy a walk outside. January is a cold month in Alexandria, but it is also a good time to enjoy a walk outdoors, enjoy the air quality and admire the sun.

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February in Alexandria is a month of variable weather. The weather is usually cold, with average temperatures around 7°C, but strong variability is possible. Rainfall is abundant, with about 80 mm on average. Minimum temperatures are generally around 2-3°C, but can drop much lower on some days. Maximum temperatures, on the other hand, usually vary between 10 and 13 °C. In short, February in Alexandria is not a particularly cold month, but it is still necessary to take the necessary precautions to protect oneself from the cold and the weather. The sun may peep out occasionally, but cloud cover is usually quite high. February in Alexandria is a wet and windy month, so it is advisable to bring warm and waterproof clothing. Fog and mist are quite common during this month, but are generally not very intense


Alexandria Climate in March

March is a magical month for Alexandria, as it is a time of great climate change. Temperatures begin to rise and the climate becomes milder, also offering more sunshine. The average temperature in this month is around 16 °C, with peaks of 18 °C during the day. The climate is fairly dry with an average amount of precipitation of around 40 mm. The humidity rate is quite high, averaging about 75 %. Winds are generally weak, with a prevailing direction from the north-west. March is an ideal month to visit Alexandria as the weather conditions are relatively favourable. The day is quite bright and there are many hours of sunshine. There are also many activities to do during this month, such as hiking, cycling, climbing, etc. There is also the opportunity to visit some of the city’s most beautiful beaches, which offer breathtaking views of the coast. March is a perfect month to spend time outdoors and enjoy the mild, sunny weather.

Alexandria Climate in April

April is one of the most beautiful months in Alexandria. The climate is mild and the day is often bright. The weather is generally sunny and clear with average temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. Days are longer and the sunshine is pleasant. Night temperatures are colder, with values around 5 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is fairly low and it is possible to enjoy good weather for most of the month. In addition, windy days are quite rare. The breeze is pleasant and refreshing. Daytime temperatures are generally pleasant and, during the warmer hours, it is possible to enjoy a nice walk outside. The flowers begin to bloom at this time and nature awakens in all its beauty. April is a great time to visit the city of Alexandria and enjoy its mild climate.

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nothing better than spending a pleasant day outdoors in such a beautiful city.

How to dress

Alexandria is a wonderful city to visit during the winter months. The months of January, February, March and April are characterised by rather cold temperatures, so it is advisable to dress in layers. A good idea is to wear a heavy jacket or coat, perhaps made of wool or fleece, to keep your body warm. Wearing a scarf or a woollen hat is also a good idea to avoid catching cold. As for trousers, a pair of jeans or wool trousers are ideal. For the feet, comfortable, warm shoes such as boots or trainers are ideal.


complete the look, a woollen jumper or hoodie are perfect for keeping warm.

Average Temperatures in Alexand


City of Alexandria January February March April
Highs 14°C 15°C 17°C 20°C
Minimum 5°C 6°C 8°C 11°C


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