Courmayeur weather in January, February, March and April



Courmayeur is one of the most beautiful resorts in the Alps, located in the Aosta Valley. Courmayeur’s climate during the months of January, February, March and April is characterised by mild temperatures and a good amount of rainfall. The town is surrounded by mountains such as Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso, which offer breathtaking views. Snow is abundant during these months, making Courmayeur an ideal destination for skiers. The town also offers a wide range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking and more. In addition, Courmayeur is famous for its restaurants, bars and shops, which offer a unique shopping experience. If you are looking for a winter destination, Courmayeur is an excellent choice.

Courmayeur Climate in January


January is a magical month for Courmayeur, one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the Alps. The climate is one of the most variable of the year, with temperatures ranging from an average of -2°C to a maximum of 8°C. Rainfall is abundant, with an average of about 100 mm of rain and snow per month. Snow is abundant and the quality is excellent, with an average of about 40 cm of fresh snow per month. The snow is often accompanied by a light breeze, which can be pleasant during the coldest days. The days are generally sunny, with an average of about 8 hours of daylight per day. The night can be very cold, with temperatures dropping as low as -10°C. Visibility is generally good, averaging about 20 km. Winds can be strong, with gusts up to 80 km/h. Courmayeur is a perfect destination for snow and skiing enthusiasts, with a wide range of ski slopes and hiking trails. The town also offers a variety of restaurants, bars and shops, providing a unique holiday experience. Courmayeur is an ideal destination for those seeking an unforgettable winter holiday.

Courmayeur Climate in February

February is a wonderful month to visit Courmayeur, a mountain town located in Valle d’Aosta, Italy. The climate is generally cold and dry, with average temperatures around 2 degrees Celsius. Days tend to be sunny, with an average of about 5 hours of sunshine per day, and nights are rather dark and cold. Snow is abundant during the month of February and can also fall in the valley. Snow conditions are generally very good, with an average snow depth of about 1 metre. Winter is an ideal season to enjoy a holiday in the mountains. There are many things to do in Courmayeur during this time of year, such as skiing, walking in the snow, ice skating and enjoying a good lunch in one of the local restaurants. The atmosphere is magical, with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, and a variety of activities to do. Courmayeur is a great place to relax and recharge your batteries. February is an excellent month to visit the town and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Courmayeur Climate in March

March is a wonderful month to visit Courmayeur, one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the Alps. The climate in Courmayeur is usually mild, with average temperatures around 5-6°C during the day and 0-1°C at night. Snow falls often, but is usually not abundant. During the day, days are generally sunny and the snow that falls is light. Temperatures can also rise to 10°C or more. Days can be quite windy, especially if there is high atmospheric pressure. Snow melts quickly in the sun, so it is important to wear warm, waterproof clothing. At night, temperatures drop to 0-1°C, so warmer clothing is necessary.
Rainfall in March is fairly frequent, with rainfall and snowfall varying from light to heavy. Snowfall can be heaviest in the middle of the month, with the possibility of snow accumulations of up to 20 cm or more. Temperatures generally drop at night, so wearing warm, waterproof clothing is important. Visibility is generally good on sunny days, although it can be limited in foggy conditions.
March is a great time to visit Courmayeur, with mild temperatures, light snow and good visibility. The climate is generally stable, with fairly frequent precipitation. Wearing warm, waterproof clothing is important to enjoy your stay in this beautiful resort.


climate in April

Courmayeur is a mountain town located in the heart of the Alps, at the foot of Mont Blanc. The town is famous for its natural beauty, ski slopes and luxury restaurants. April is a great time to visit Courmayeur, as the weather is generally mild and pleasant. The sun shines for most of the day, making spring days pleasantly warm. Although temperatures vary from day to day, they generally do not fall below 5-10°C. The nights are colder, with temperatures dropping as low as -5°C. During daylight hours, the sun is warm enough to enjoy the beauty of the Alpine landscape. In addition, snow is still abundant at this time, offering the possibility of skiing on a wide range of slopes. Rainfall is quite rare in April, but thunderstorms and snowfall can occur. Snow may also fall at lower altitudes, but it does not usually accumulate. Most days in April are clear and sunny, so it is a great time to visit Courmayeur. The town is a great place to enjoy nature, hike, ski or just relax.

How to dress

If you are planning a trip to Courmayeur in January, February, March and April, make sure you bring suitable clothing. Recommended clothing is winter, with jackets, coats, jumpers, gloves and scarves. It is important to choose warm, water-resistant clothing, as temperatures can drop to -10°C and rainfall is frequent. For shoes, choose a pair of snow or hiking boots that are waterproof and have a good non-slip sole. If you are an avid skier, remember to take all your ski and snowboard equipment with you. Also, don’t forget to bring a scarf or wool scarf, a cap and a face mask to protect you from the cold and wind.

Average Temperatures in Cour


Courmayeur January February March April
Highs 3°C 4°C 7°C 11°C
Minimum -4°C -3°C -1°C 2°C


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