Cuneo climate in January, February, March and April



Cuneo is


Italian province located in the north-west of the peninsula, known for its natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. During the winter period, from January to April, the climate is cold and cool, with minimum temperatures often dropping below zero. Snow is plentiful and precipitation is fairly frequent, especially in the higher areas such as the Maritime Alps, the Cottian Alps and the Ligurian Alps. The wind can be strong, especially in the coastal area, where it is also possible to encounter fog. The main city in Cuneo is Cuneo, a city rich in history and culture, with a great variety of monuments, museums, parks and gardens.


climate in January

January is a month of great climatic change for the province of Cuneo. The climate is generally cold and dry, with average temperatures ranging from a minimum of -2 °C to a maximum of 8 °C. Precipitation is generally low, with an average of about 40 mm of rain. Snow is abundant, with an average of about 80 cm of snow per month. Days are generally sunny, with an average of about 5 hours of sunshine per day. Fog is common during the coldest hours of the day, especially in the northern part of the province. Night temperatures can drop below zero, with peaks of -10 °C. The province of Cuneo is a popular destination for snow lovers, with numerous ski slopes and hiking trails. January is a great month to visit the province of Cuneo and enjoy its winter beauty.

Cuneo Climate in February

February is a month that often brings highly variable weather to Cuneo. Average temperatures are around 7°C, but it is possible that, during a sunny day, temperatures can rise to 12°C. Rainfall is abundant throughout the month, with an average of more than 80 mm. Weather conditions are often unstable, with frequent changes in temperature and sometimes sudden rainfall. Winds are generally weak, but can blow stronger when there are thunderstorms or summer storms. Snow is quite rare in February, but some intermittent snowfall may occur. Thunderstorms are quite common and can bring hailstorms, strong winds and gusts of rain. In addition, sunny days are quite limited and the sky is often covered by black and grey clouds. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for the variability of the weather in February in Cuneo


Climate Cuneo in March


March is a transitional month for the climate in the province of Cuneo. Temperatures begin to rise, but are not yet hot, and the sun begins to peep out more often. Days are longer and rain is less frequent, but temperatures are still not warm enough to guarantee a nice sunny day. The climate is still very variable, with warm and sunny days alternating with rainy days. Average temperatures are around 10-12°C, with peaks of 15-16°C on some days. The nights are still cold, with temperatures dropping to 2-3°C. Rainfall is quite abundant, averaging 80-90mm per month, but it is not uncommon to have days without rain. In general, it is a pleasant and fairly stable month, with mild temperatures and sunny days that make walking outdoors even more enjoyable. March is an excellent time to visit the province of Cuneo, enjoying a mild climate and a blooming landscape.



‘s climate in


Cuneo’s climate in April is a mixture of hot and cold, with average temperatures ranging between 9°C and 16°C. Spring has finally begun to make itself felt and the days are getting longer. The highest average daily temperature is around 15°C, with the lowest night-time temperature dropping to around 9°C. The hottest day in April is usually around 20°C, but temperatures can rise to 25°C. By contrast, the night is rather cold, with temperatures dropping as low as 5°C. Rainfall is abundant and can reach a maximum of 90 mm. Most of the rainfall is concentrated in the first two weeks of April, with an average of about 40 mm. The rest of the month is rather dry, with less than 20mm of rain. Snow is quite rare in April, but a few white flakes may fall, especially at higher altitudes. In general, the climate in Cuneo in April is quite mild, with pleasant temperatures and minimum temperatures that are not too rigid.

It is the

ideal time to take long walks in the open air and enjoy the first rays of spring sunshine.

How to dress

In January, February, March and April, Cuneo offers cold and rainy weather, so it is advisable to wear warm, waterproof clothing. A good choice is a winter coat, perhaps with a hood to protect from the rain. An anorak or hoodie is also a good alternative. For the legs, wool or cotton trousers are ideal. A pair of rain boots or a pair of shoes with non-slip soles are also a good idea. A scarf, a cap and a pair of gloves complete the outfit. Choosing to wear climate-appropriate clothing will help maintain an ideal body temperature and enjoy a pleasant experience in Cuneo during the winter months.

Average Temperatures in Cuneo

Cuneo January February March April
Highs 7°C 9°C 12°C 15°C
Minimum -2°C -1°C 2°C 5°C


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