Genoa climate in January, February, March and April



Genoa is a beautiful city, especially during the winter months. January, February, March and April are the months when the climate is mildest and you can enjoy the beauty of the city. Average temperatures in Genoa during these months range from a minimum of 5°C to a maximum of 15°C. The city offers a wide variety of places to visit, such as the Via Garibaldi, the Old Port, the Sea Museum and the D’Albertis Castle. There are also many parks and gardens, such as the Villetta di Negro Park, the Lanterna Park and the Parco delle Mura.

Climate in Genoa in January

January is a month of variable climate in Genoa. Average temperatures are quite low, with an average of 8°C. The average minimum temperature is 4°C, while the average maximum temperature is 12°C. Rainfall is abundant, with an average of about 100 mm. Days are generally cloudy, with an average of about 8 hours of sunshine per day. Nights are rather cold, with an average of about 4°C. Weather conditions can vary from day to day, with some days sunny and others rainy. Snow is rare in Genoa, but may fall occasionally. Winds are generally weak, averaging about 10 km/h. The sea water temperature is about 12 °C, so it is not suitable for swimming. January is a variable climate month in Genoa, with rather low average temperatures, heavy rainfall, cloudy days and weak winds.

Genoa Climate in February

February is a month in which the city of Genoa is awash with cold and wet weather. Average temperatures range between 7°C and 12°C, with lower and higher peaks depending on location. Most days are characterised by light rain or fog, making the air damp and cold. Rain can be heavy on some days, with thunderstorms and hailstorms occurring. On colder days, light snowfall may also occur. Although temperatures are quite low, the sun can still make an appearance, illuminating the city with a warm, golden light. Sunlight is a blessing for the city, helping to warm the air and make the streets glow. It is a great time to explore the city and visit the many tourist attractions it offers. The gardens, streets and monuments are even more beautiful with the addition of sunlight. February is a great time to visit Genoa, even if the temperatures are not so high.

Genoa’s climate



In March, Genoa offers a mild and pleasant climate, with average temperatures ranging from 9-12°C at night to 16-18°C during the day. The city enjoys a good amount of sunshine, with an average of about 5 hours of daylight per day. However, weather conditions are variable, so be prepared for unexpected rain and wind. Rain is very common during March, with an average of 14 rainy days. In addition, air temperatures can drop below 10°C at night. Although this climate can be a little cold for some, there are still plenty of things to do. Visiting parks and gardens, such as the Parco di Nervi, is one way to enjoy the natural beauty of Genoa. You can also visit some of its many beaches, which offer a great place to relax and enjoy a beautiful view of the sea. Culture lovers can explore the city’s history by visiting places such as the Museum of Natural History, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, and the Palazzo Ducale. Although March is a cold month, there are still plenty of things to do and see in Genoa.

Climate in Genoa in April

April is one of the most beautiful months of the year in Genoa. The average temperature is around 15°C, with highs reaching 22°C and lows of 8°C. The climate is pleasant and the days are sunny, with an average of 7 hours of daylight per day. Rain is abundant, with an average of 80 mm of rain during the month. Snow is rare, but may fall occasionally. Days are generally windy, with an average of 4.2 km/h. The water temperature is quite cold, with an average of 14 °C.

April is a great month to visit Genoa. The temperature is pleasant and the days are generally sunny. It is an ideal time for outdoor activities, such as walking, cycling or strolling by the sea. Tourists can also visit the city’s many museums and art galleries. The local cuisine is delicious and restaurants offer traditional dishes at reasonable prices.

April is a wonderful month to visit Genoa. The temperature is pleasant, the days are generally sunny and there are many things to do. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities, good food and rich culture.

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excellent opportunity to discover the city and all it has to offer.

How to dress

Genoa is a city that offers a mild climate during the winter months, but it is important to be prepared for colder temperatures. In January, February, March and April, it is recommended to wear warm and wind-resistant clothing. A heavy coat is a must, as well as a scarf, a hat and a pair of gloves. Wool clothes, jumpers and fleece trousers are a good choice to keep warm. A pair of waterproof boots is also a good idea, especially if you plan to walk for a long time. Remember to take an umbrella with you in case it rains. With these items of clothing, you will be ready to face the coldest temperatures in Genoa!

Average Temperatures in Genoa

City of Genoa January February March April
Highs 13°C 14°C 17°C 20°C
Minimum 7°C 8°C 10°C 13°C


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