Messina climate in January, February, March and April



January, February, March and April are the coldest months of the year in Messina. This city in Sicily, located on the edge of the Strait of Messina, is an ideal place to spend a winter holiday, thanks to its mild climate. The city of Messina is famous for its beautiful coastline, with its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters overlooking the Strait, and for its historical sights such as the Cathedral of Messina, the Church of St Francis of Assisi and the Tower of Messina. During these months, the average temperature is around 10°C, with peaks of 18°C during the day. Rainfall is quite abundant, averaging about 80 mm per month. There are also some sunny days when the sky is clear and the temperature can reach 20°C.


climate in January

January is a mild month for those living in Messina. The climate is generally mild, with average temperatures ranging from 8°C to 13°C. The minimum temperature can drop as low as 3°C, but this is rare. The maximum temperature can reach 17°C. Rainfall is abundant during the month of January, with an average of about 80 mm. Rainfall is fairly frequent, with an average of about 17 rainy days per month. Snow is rare, but may occur on occasion. The wind is generally weak, averaging about 8 km/h. Humidity is relatively high, averaging about 79%. Visibility is generally good, averaging about 10 km. January is a good month to visit Messina, with mild temperatures and abundant rainfall. It is an ideal time to enjoy nature and outdoor activities.

Messina Climate in February


February is a transitional month in Messina, when temperatures begin to rise after the winter. The climate in Messina in February is still cold, with average temperatures ranging between 7 and 11 degrees Celsius during the month. The days are longer and sunnier than in previous winter months, with about 5 hours of sunlight per day. Nights are still cold, with temperatures usually dropping below 5 degrees Celsius. Precipitation is low, with only 3 rainy days expected in February. Winds are weak, with speeds rarely exceeding 10 km/h. In addition, humidity is generally low, with an average of 75 per cent. February is a pleasant month in Messina, with mild and sunny temperatures, but the days are still rather short and the nights are cold.


climate in March

March is one of the most beautiful months to visit Messina. The climate is generally mild and pleasant, with sunny days interspersed with intermittent rainfall. Average daily temperatures vary between 15°C and 20°C, with peaks of 25°C during the hottest hours of the day. Nights are cooler, with temperatures dropping as low as 7°C. Rainfall is heavy in March, with an average of about 20 rainy days during the month. Rainfall is generally short-term, with thunderstorms usually lasting an hour or less. Windy conditions are also common in March, with wind gusts of up to 40 km/h. Winds are generally stronger in the northern part of the city. Humid conditions are average in March, averaging about 65% throughout the month. The weather is generally cloudy, with less than five days of sunshine during the month. March is a good time to visit Messina, as the climate is quite mild and pleasant.


climate in April

April is a month of great climatic changes for Messina. Temperatures begin to rise and rain becomes more frequent. Spring is a transition period between winter and summer, so there are still cold days and hot days. Average temperatures range between 10°C and 20°C, with higher peaks of up to 25°C. Rainfall is abundant, averaging about 80 mm per month. Rainfall is most frequent in the evening and night hours, but can also occur at any time of day. Fog is a constant presence, especially in the first part of the month. The weather conditions are quite unstable, so it is necessary to be prepared for any eventuality. Spring is a time of great climate change, so it is important to keep an eye on the weather forecast to be prepared for changes.

How to dress

During January, February, March and April in Messina, it is advisable to dress appropriately for the rather low temperatures reached at this time of year. Ideally, you should wear heavy garments, such as jumpers, winter jackets and coats, to be combined with long trousers and thick socks. To protect yourself from the cold, it is also advisable to wear a scarf, a hat and a pair of gloves. As for shoes, it is best to opt for winter models, such as boots or amphibians. Moreover, it is important to remember to bring an umbrella or a mackintosh in case of rain.

Average Temperatures in Messina

City of Messina January February March April
Highs 14°C 15°C 17°C 20°C
Minimum 7°C 8°C 10°C 13°C


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