Miami climate in September, October, November and December.

Are you thinking Miami as a destination for your fall vacation? Would you like to extend your summer and among other things, are you considering Florida? Or do you have to move to the States for work and you want to know what you should bring?

Here's some useful information about the weather in Miami this fall.

Miami, given its location has a climate of type tropicalwith mild winters and hot, sultry summers.

September and October in Miami.

In Miami the word autumn takes on a totally different meaning from Italian standards.

September is a hot month, very similar to July and August, where the heat and the sultriness dominate, rainfall in this month is very frequent, more than in any other period, always in the form of violent showers and storms, the winds blow quite often and the ocean is always very hot, around 29 degrees.

In October there is a slight drop in temperature, the minimum drops by a couple of degrees, to about 22 and the maximum for the first time after many months only reaches 30 degrees.

It always rains frequently in October in Miami, so even this is not the best time for an exploratory city vacation or beach life.

November and December in Miami

The arrival of winter in these parts is seen as a real "panacea", in fact the heat becomes pleasant and less sultry, the humidity drops to bearable levels, rainfall is reduced and the sun and the days on the beaches become the norm for tourists and residents on holiday.

The sea remains warm even in winter in Miami with temperatures above 25 degrees, so even those who want to take advantage of the destination in addition to visiting the city, even to take a bath, will be pleasantly satisfied. To be pointed out in the evening it is necessary to have heavier clothing behind you to avoid running into particularly cool evenings and being unprepared.

November and December are therefore, together with January and February, the best months to visit Miami, both because it is a great way to winter and because the weather is totally on your side.

Average Temp Set Ott Nov Dec
Miami G F M A
Min (°C) 24 22 18 15
Max (°C) 31 29 27 25


Well, now that you have an idea of the weather in Miami in the fall, you can take a look at what the weather will be like in May, June, July and August or January, February, March and April.

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