Naples weather in January, February, March and April



January, February, March and April are the months of the year when Naples is at its most beautiful. With its mild temperatures and magnificent views, the city offers a unique experience for all who decide to visit. Average temperatures in Naples in January, February, March and April are around 10-15°C, with peaks of 20°C at times. The city offers a wide range of attractions, including the famous Piazza del Plebiscito, the Castel dell’Ovo, the National Archaeological Museum and much more. The weather in Naples is pleasant during these months, with mild temperatures and sunny days. In addition, there are many events scheduled during these months, such as concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and much more.

Naples Climate in January

January is a month of great climate change in Naples. Average temperatures drop considerably, averaging around 10 °C, and rainfall is abundant. Snow is a fairly rare event, but may occur in some areas of the city. Days are shorter and nights colder, with temperatures dropping as low as 0°C. Wind is also a feature of the January climate, with gusts of up to 40 km/h. Weather conditions can vary from day to day, with some days sunny and others rainy. The sea water temperature is also quite low, averaging around 12°C. January is an ideal month to visit Naples, with mild weather and a variety of activities to do. You can visit museums, take a walk along the seafront, or enjoy an evening in one of the city’s many restaurants.

Naples Climate in February

February is a wonderful month to visit the city of Naples. The average temperature is around 14-15 degrees, with peaks of 22 degrees during the day. Sunshine is abundant, but there is also usually some rain. The rains can be heavy, but they usually do not last long. The sun shines even brighter when the rain is over. Fog may also make an appearance, but it is usually very light. Night temperatures can drop below zero, especially when there is a cool breeze. It is necessary to bring a jacket or sweatshirt during the night to keep warm. The sea breeze is one of the most pleasant features of the weather in Naples in February. The breeze cools the air and makes walking in the streets pleasant. The sea water temperatures are also pleasant, with an average temperature of around 14 degrees. So, if you love swimming, it is a great time to go to the sea. February is a very pleasant month to visit Naples and enjoy the mild climate.

Naples Climate in March

March is an ideal month to visit Naples, with temperatures hovering around 20 degrees. The climate is generally mild and clear, with a pleasant breeze blowing in from the sea. Days are usually sunny and warm, with temperatures that can reach 25-30°C during peak hours. At night, temperatures drop dramatically, so it is advisable to bring a jacket or jumper. Rainfall is quite rare in March, but it is best to be prepared for possible precipitation. Snow is practically impossible, but you may see a sprinkling of snow on the mountains around Naples. March is also a time of great festivals, such as the Naples Carnival, the Festival of Cultures, the Music Festival and many others. Festivals are held all over the city and are the perfect opportunity to discover the culture, history and atmosphere of Naples. In addition, March is a great time to visit the sights of Naples, such as the Duomo, museums and ancient ruins. Furthermore, March is a great time to go shopping, with many shops and markets offering typical local products at very affordable prices. So, if you are looking for a holiday destination, Naples in March is a great choice!

Naples Climate in April

Naples is a city that offers a mild climate all year round, with temperatures ranging from a minimum of 9°C to a maximum of 24°C. April is one of the best months to visit Naples, with average temperatures of around 16°C. During the day, temperatures can rise to 20°C, while at night they drop to around 12°C. The climate is generally pleasant, with little rain and a good amount of sunshine. Days are longer and nights shorter, with an average of 12 hours of sunlight per day. Sea water temperatures are pleasantly warm, averaging 17°C. April is a great time to explore the city and enjoy the beauty of the Neapolitan coastline. The air and water temperatures are pleasant, and there are fewer tourists than in the summer months. There are a wide variety of things to do, such as visiting historical sites, shopping and enjoying the local cuisine. April is a magical month to visit Naples and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

How to dress

In Naples, in January, February, March and April, it is recommended to dress appropriately for the season. It is advisable to wear warm clothes, such as jumpers, jackets, coats, waistcoats and scarves, in order to maintain body warmth. Also, it is important to wear comfortable clothes, such as jeans, trousers and skirts, so as to avoid feeling too uncomfortable. As for shoes, it is advisable to opt for closed footwear, such as boots, trainers or amphibians, so as to protect your feet from the cold. Also, it is important to remember to wear a hat or scarf to protect yourself from the cold.

Although it

is possible to wear light clothes during warmer days, it is advisable to always carry a jacket or jumper in case of sudden changes in temperature.

Average Temperatures in Naples

City: Naples January February March April
Highs 14°C 15°C 17°C 20°C
Minimum 7°C 8°C 10°C 13°C


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