Pescara weather in January, February, March and April



January, February, March and April are the coldest months of the year in Pescara, a city located in the Abruzzo region of Italy. During these months, the climate is cold and cool, with average temperatures around 9°C. The minimum temperature reaches 4°C, while the maximum temperature is around 13°C. Rainfall is quite frequent during these months, with an average of around 100 mm of rain. Snow is also quite common, especially in higher areas such as Gran Sasso d’Italia and Majella. The coast is generally milder, with higher temperatures and less rain. Pescara’s main tourist attractions during these months include the seafront, the historic centre and the Majella National Park.

Pescara’s climate in January

January is a month of great climate change in Pescara. Average temperatures drop considerably, averaging 8°C, but can reach as low as -2°C. Rainfall is abundant, with an average of about 80 mm. Snow is quite common, with an average of about 10 days of snowfall. Days are rather short, with an average of 8 hours of sunlight. The water temperature is rather low, averaging about 10 °C. Weather conditions can vary considerably, with sunny days alternating with rainy days. Wind conditions are generally weak, averaging about 10 km/h. January is a rather cold month in Pescara, so it is important to be prepared with warm, waterproof clothing.


climate in February

February is a month characterised by cold and rainy weather in Pescara. The month is generally characterised by variable weather with minimum and maximum temperatures ranging from a minimum of 3°C to a maximum of 12°C. Rainfall is abundant, with an average of 80 mm. Days are rather short, with an average of 10 hours of daylight per day. The weather is often cloudy, while sunny days are rather rare during the month of February. Snow is possible, but not very common. Water temperatures in the Adriatic are relatively low, averaging 10°C. Water temperatures can drop as low as 7°C near the coast. Wind speed is also quite low, averaging 5 km/h. February is a cold and rainy month in Pescara. Tourists visiting the city during this period should be prepared with warm, rain-worthy clothes.

Pescara Climate in March

March is a transitional month for Pescara’s climate. Temperatures begin to rise slightly, but the city is still exposed to variable weather conditions. Days are generally sunny, with average temperatures ranging from 10°C to 17°C. Minimum temperatures can drop as low as 6°C, while maximums can reach up to 21°C. Although precipitation is rather rare, occasional rainfall is possible.

The sea is still cold, but starts to get a little warmer, with average temperatures ranging from 11°C to 13°C. Wind is a constant during March, with gusts of up to 15 km/h. Although general weather conditions may vary from day to day, March is a great time to visit Pescara, with mild temperatures and sunny days.

Pescara climate in


Pescara is a city that offers a unique climate to visitors during April. The spring months are generally mild, with average temperatures ranging from 11 to 16 degrees Celsius. Air and water temperatures are pleasant, with water temperatures averaging 14 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is abundant during the month of April with an average of about 110 mm of precipitation. Days are generally sunny and nights are fairly cool. The wind is usually light, with occasional gusts of up to 25 km/h. Visitors can enjoy spring with a pleasant air temperature and a constant breeze. This mild and balanced climate makes Pescara an ideal tourist destination in April. The sea is pleasant, with water temperatures averaging 14 degrees Celsius, making it possible to enjoy a range of water activities such as swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and more. Spring is the perfect time to visit the city of Pescara and enjoy the mild, sunny weather.

How to dress

In January, February, March and April in Pescara, it is advisable to wear warm, comfortable clothes. For colder days, a heavy coat, wool jumper, windbreaker and scarf are ideal. For milder days, a sweatshirt or denim jacket, a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of cotton trousers are the recommended clothing. In addition, it is always good to have a waterproof jacket at hand, especially if you plan to spend time outdoors. For your feet, it is best to opt for comfortable, warm shoes, such as boots or amphibians, as well as a pair of wool socks. Finally, don’t forget to bring a hat, scarf and gloves to protect you from the cold.

Average Temperatures in Pescara

City of Pescara January February March April
Maximum 10°C 12°C 14°C 17°C
Minimum 2°C 4°C 6°C 9°C


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