Portofino climate in January, February, March and April



Portofino is one of the most popular destinations in Italy, both for its natural beauty and for its beaches. January, February, March and April are good months to visit Portofino and enjoy its mild climate. Located in the province of Genoa, Portofino is a seaside town with a breathtaking view of the bay. Its famous piazzetta, with its shops, restaurants and bars, is a meeting place for tourists. The Church of San Giorgio, with its Baroque architecture, is another attraction not to be missed. The Portofino Nature Reserve, with its beaches and paths, is an ideal place for walking and hiking. The town also offers a wide range of water activities, such as kayaking, snorkelling and diving. January, February, March and April are the best months to visit Portofino and enjoy its mild climate.

Portofino Climate in January

January is a magical month to visit Portofino. The climate is mild and temperatures are pleasant, with an average of 14°C. The morning is usually cold, with a minimum temperature of 8°C, while in the afternoon the temperature rises to 18°C. Evenings are pleasant, with an average temperature of 12°C. The sky is usually clear, with an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day. Rain is quite rare, with an average of 2 rainy days per month. The sea is generally calm, with an average temperature of 14°C. The wind is fairly weak, with an average of 3 km/h. Visibility is good, with an average of 10 km. January is an ideal month to visit Portofino, with a mild and pleasant climate, calm sea and good visibility.

Portofino climate in February


February is a unique month to visit Portofino, one of the most beautiful locations on the Ligurian Riviera. Days are quite warm, with average temperatures around 10-12 degrees, while nights are quite cool. The climate is temperate and humid, with an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day. Rain is fairly frequent, but precipitation is minimal. The sea breeze is pleasant, helping to mitigate the higher temperatures. It is a perfect time to enjoy a stroll through the picturesque seaside village with its narrow streets and colourful houses. The sunlight reflects off the surface of the sea, creating a magical atmosphere. You can also find various activities to do, such as boat trips, water sports activities, excursions in the surroundings and visits to museums. Portofino is an ideal place to spend an unforgettable holiday and February is the right time to do it.

Portofino Climate in March

March is a wonderful month to visit Portofino, in Liguria. The climate is warm but not hot, the days are longer and the nights are shorter. The weather is generally sunny, with average temperatures ranging between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. The nights are rather cool, with temperatures dropping to 10 degrees Celsius. The number of hours of sunshine per day increases steadily during the month of March, with an average of about 8 hours per day. The sea is pleasantly warm, with temperatures reaching 14 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is rather limited, averaging 2.3 mm per month. Air temperatures are pleasant, which means that you can enjoy a beautiful sunny day at the beach or stroll around town without suffering too much heat. Spring is an excellent time to visit Portofino and enjoy the mild climate and beauty of the town.


climate in April

Portofino is one of the most popular destinations in Italy and one of the most beautiful in the world. April is one of the best months to visit Portofino, with pleasant temperatures and mild weather. The average temperature in April is around 18°C, with highs of 24°C and lows of 12°C. The climate is generally dry and sunny, with few rainy days. The days are long and sunny, with more hours of daylight than in the winter months. The water temperature is around 15°C, so it is a great time to go for a swim. The nights are pleasantly cool, with temperatures around 10°C. Portofino is a perfect destination for a spring holiday, with a mild climate and a wide variety of activities to do. You can enjoy a walk along the sea, take a boat trip, visit the beaches, go hiking and enjoy the local cuisine. April is a great time to visit Portofino and enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

How to dress

Portofino is a very popular tourist destination, especially in January, February, March and April. This is why it is important to know what to wear to best enjoy your holiday. It is advisable to bring light, comfortable clothes, such as jeans, T-shirts and T-shirts, but also a jacket or cardigan for cooler evenings. It is important to remember to also bring a hat and a pair of sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. For shoes, it is best to opt for a pair of sandals or sneakers, ideal for walking on the beach or visiting places of interest. For women, a light dress or skirt is ideal for evening walks. Also, don’t forget to bring a mackintosh or windbreaker, to be prepared for any weather conditions.

Average Temperatures in Portofino

City of Portofino January February March April
Highs 14°C 15°C 17°C 20°C
Minimum 7°C 8°C 10°C 13°C


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