Rimini climate in January, February, March and April



January, February, March and April are the coldest months of the year in Rimini, one of the main tourist resorts on the Italian Adriatic coast. Although Rimini’s climate is generally mild throughout the year, a drop in temperatures can be noted during these four months. The city, known for its beaches, seafront promenade and charming historic centre, can also be an interesting destination during these months, with its many attractions and events.

Rimini climate in January

January is a cold and rainy month in Rimini, but there are still many things to do and see. Rimini’s climate in January is characterised by average temperatures of around 5°C, with highs of 10°C and lows of 0°C. Rainfall is abundant, with an average of about 80 mm of rain per month. Days are generally cloudy, with few hours of sunshine. However, the milder temperatures and lighter rainfall make January an ideal month to visit Rimini.

There are many activities to do during January in Rimini. The beaches are still open, although the cold temperatures make swimming difficult. However, there are still many other things to do, such as walking along the coast, cycling, boating and visiting museums. In addition, January is a great time to visit the many restaurants and bars in Rimini, where you can enjoy typical regional dishes.

January is a cold and rainy month in Rimini, but there are still many things to do and see. With its mild temperatures and light rain, January is a great time to visit the city and enjoy all it has to offer. So, if you are looking for a winter destination, Rimini is an excellent choice.

Rimini Climate in


February is a month of climate change in Rimini. During the day, the temperature can vary from 5°C to 14°C, while at night it drops to 0°C. Most days have an average temperature of 10°C, with high humidity. Rain is quite common, with an average of 15 rainy days per month. On the sunniest days, the sky is generally clear or partly cloudy. Foggy days are also quite common in this month. Wind speeds can vary from calm to moderate, with an average of 6 km/h. The water temperature in Rimini in February is around 12 °C, making it too cold for swimming. February is a good time to visit Rimini, but it is important to bring warm, waterproof clothing.

Rimini Climate in March

March is one of the best months to visit Rimini. The mild climate and sunshine make for a pleasant and enjoyable holiday. Minimum temperatures in this month are around 10°C, while maximum temperatures can reach 17°C. Moreover, the pleasant weather conditions during the day help to make the experience of a holiday in Rimini even more enjoyable. There are also some pleasant rainfalls this month, which help to keep the air cool. Although they can be a bit annoying, these rains help to keep the surrounding nature fresh and green. At this time, it is also possible to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea. The sea is calm and the beaches are of unspoilt beauty. Boat trips and beach excursions can also be organised. On weekends, Rimini also offers plenty of nightlife entertainment. There are many pubs, discos and restaurants that offer tourists the chance to have fun until late at night. March is a great month to spend a holiday in Rimini. Not only are there many activities to do, but you can also enjoy beautiful weather and breathtaking views of the sea.

Rimini’s climate in


Rimini’s climate in April is one of the most beautiful to experience. The average temperature is around 18°C, with peaks of 25°C on the hottest days. Rainfall is very limited, averaging about 5 mm per month, so the atmosphere is generally dry. During the night, temperatures can drop as low as 10°C, but usually remain mild. The sun shines for about 11 hours a day, so there is enough light to enjoy a beautiful spring day. The coastal breezes are pleasantly cool, making the air pleasant throughout the day. The weather conditions are generally stable, so it is a great time to spend time outdoors. The sea is pleasantly warm, with temperatures of around 16 °C, and is the ideal place for a nice swim. The climate in Rimini in April is perfect for enjoying the beauty of nature and the relaxing coastal breeze.

How to dress

In January, February, March and April in Rimini, it is advisable to wear warm, comfortable clothes, especially if you spend many hours outdoors. The most suitable garments are: wind jackets, waterproof jackets, long trousers, heavy jumpers, boots, hats and gloves. In addition, it is important to carry a windbreaker or waterproof jacket in case of rain. In addition, it is advisable to bring a warm scarf and a blanket for colder evenings. As for beachwear, it is advisable to wear a tracksuit, a hoodie and a pair of trainers. In addition, it is important to carry high-protection sun cream. Finally, it is advisable to bring a jacket or sweatshirt for cooler evenings.

Average Temperatures in Rimini

City of Rimini January February March April
Highs 10°C 12°C 15°C 20°C
Minimum 2°C 4°C 7°C 12°C


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