Climate and weather in Sharm el Sheikh in January, February, March and April.


Would you like to go on holiday to Egypt? Are you choosing a destination and would like information about Sharm el Sheikh? Would you like to have a better idea of the climate you will find there and whether you can also go swimming in winter? Doubts about rain and wind?

Don’t worry! With our month-by-month guide, you can clear up your doubts.

In Sharm el Sheikh the climate is subtropical desert this guarantees very mild winters and hot summers with lots of sunshine! Let us now go into detail about the months.

Sharm el Sheikh climate in January and February

Generally in Sharm el Sheikh the months of January and February are very mild, with maximum temperatures around 22 degrees and average lows around 13 / 14 degrees at night. This makes the Egyptian resort pleasant even in winter. During the day it is not difficult to bathe in the sea, thanks also to a water temperature of 21/22 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is actually very rare and it may even happen that it never rains. However, there is the possibility of some cold air currents arriving, which could bring the minimum temperatures down to around 10 degrees at night. However, these are rare occurrences, so if you are planning a holiday in Sharm in January or February, no problem, you should almost certainly be able to winterize!

March and April in Sharm el Sheikh

In March and April in Sharm the weather gradually changes and temperatures gradually rise, resulting in an early summer (as understood in the rest of Europe). The lows rise to 16 degrees in March and 20 in April, there is no rainfall and the sea waters begin to warm up gradually. Spring in Sharm el Sheikh actually gives the European tourist the chance to enjoy an early summer just a few hours away by plane, and the advantageous sea temperature does the rest!

Average temperatures January February March December
Sharm el Sheikh S O N D
Min (°C) 13 14 16 20
Max (°C) 22 22 25 30

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