Climate and weather in Sharm el Sheikh in May, June, July and August.


Planning a holiday in Sharm el Sheikh for the summer months? Are you wondering what the weather will be like in May, June, July and August? What will the weather be like? What about rainfall?

Here’s our month-by-month guide to Sharm el Sheikh’s climate.

Sharm el Sheikh weather in May and June

In Sharm in these months, especially in June, it is already very hot. It is a scorching summer with lows of as much as 27 degrees in June and 24 in May, the highs are well over 30.

This makes your holiday in Sharm pleasant if you like the heat, but difficult if, on the contrary, you like more spring-like climates. At this latitude it never rains, the sky is always clear and rain a distant memory. The sea waters are warm and pleasant with temperatures between 24 and 26 degrees. It must be said, however, that the air is very dry and fairly breezy, so although in June temperatures sometimes already reach peaks of 40 degrees, it is possible to be quite comfortable several times.

July and August in Sharm el Sheikh

July and August are the months when the climate in Sharm reaches the highest temperatures, the highs often reaching 40 degrees and above, the lows at night in the 30s will make you feel all the warmth of the desert climate. Even in these months, however, it must be said that the air, since it never rains, is dry and makes the great heat less stifling in order of temperature. The sea waters are now around 27/28 degrees and snorkelling enthusiasts can indulge themselves.

Average temps May June July August
Sharm el Sheikh M G L A
Min (°C) 24 27 27 28
Max (°C) 34 37 38 38

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