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Climate in India from May to August

What are the temperatures in India from May to August? Is it possible to organise a nice, fun and relaxing holiday at this time of year? It should be noted that cyclones begin to appear in many parts of India from mid-April, and the region most affected by flooding due to its territorial conformity is Bengal.

Let us look specifically at everything we need to know about this, taking into consideration the city of Kolkata and the capital of India, New Dheli.

Climate in India from May to June

In Kolkata, temperatures are very high in May. Sometimes even 40° can be exceeded. We are in the pre-monsoon period, so showers mostly start to occur in the afternoon. From 5 June, however, the city is subject to the monsoon.

The waters of the Kolkata sea are very warm, the temperature being around 29° in May and 30° in June.

Even in the capital, the mercury rises in a surprising way with a very high humidity rate. The average daytime temperature is 36°, but at the worst times it can reach peaks of 45°/47°. The first rains start in May and intensify in June from the second half. Due to the rains, the temperature begins to drop slightly. The maximum is 34° C.

Climate in India from July to August

In Kolkata, the weather is slightly cooler in July. The maximum is 32°, the minimum 26°. The cause of this decrease is only one: the occurrence of cyclones. In both July and August, the city is affected by monsoons. The sky is almost always cloudy and there are only three hours of sunshine.

The mercury also drops in the capital due to heavy rainfall. During this period, the maximum is 35°. However, the humidity remains very high despite the rains. Even at night, the air is stifling. There may be some days where the sun shines in the sky, other times clouds predominate. However, the rainfall remains heavy even in August, while in September the frequency is more reduced.

As can be seen, July and August are not recommended for planning a holiday. It would be desirable to postpone your departure to September, but much better in October, as the climate is much drier.

Min (°C)26272626
Max (°C)36343232

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