Climate and weather India September, October, November and December


Climate in India from September to December

If you are wondering which is the best time to go, it depends on the area you plan to visit. India is a very large and vast state and each area is different, so the climate and temperatures are very variable

In this post, we will focus on two places in particular: Calcutta and India’s capital, New Dheli.

Climate in India from September to October

In September, there is no shortage of rain in the city of Calcutta. They are less frequent than in previous months, but nevertheless one must be very careful because the intensity is rather high. Because of the rains, the temperature is much lower. The seasonal average is 32°, while the minimum is 26°

One has to wait until next month before one can begin to catch a glimpse of the sun. In October, the dry season begins and fine days predominate, although there is no shortage of rain, but it rarely occurs.

In the capital, there are still showers in September but they are less frequent. After the monsoon, the air becomes drier and therefore more pleasant. The sun begins to shine in the sky and the temperature at night can drop even below 20°, while during the day, although it is sunny, the heat is much more bearable.

Climate in India from November to December

The climate in Kolkata in November is pleasant because dry air prevails. The minimum is 19° and the maximum is 29°. Although there is a decrease in temperatures, the sea water remains very warm

The days become longer and there are 7 hours of sunshine in both November and December.

Monsoons are not excluded during this period. In fact, until early December, the city may still be affected

Even in New Dheli, the heat becomes more acceptable in November, with highs around 28°. Night temperatures are cooler. December, on the other hand, is a winter month and the maximum is 23°. Given the city’s location, the winter season is cooler than in other parts of India. In fact, if we consider the cities located on the coasts, it is hot all year round

Returning again to the capital, the temperature sometimes reaches zero at night, while during the day the climate is more bearable. The minimum in December is 7° but wearing warm clothing one can still visit the city.

The sun often shines, while showers are sporadic

Average tempsSetOctNovDec
New Dheli
Min (°C)2418117
Max (°C)34342823

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