Climate and weather Santorini – better May, June, July or August?


Want to go on holiday to Santorini but don’t know which month to choose between May, June, July or August? We asked the Hellenic Islands staff for advice, here’s what we came up with!

May and June

In May and June the weather and temperatures in Santorini soar, May is in fact the month that marks the definitive transition from spring to summer weather. The skies are always clear, in the evening you can safely go out in a short-sleeved T-shirt with a few exceptions, the waters of the Mediterranean Sea begin to warm up and touch 18/19 degrees in May to reach 21/22 in June, you can safely stay on the beach for a long time during the day and in the evening, especially in the second half of June a light T-shirt will always be sufficient.

July and August

The temperatures in July and August are purely summery, the days are very long and the sea waters are very pleasant, just think that they reach temperatures of 23/24 degrees in July and August. This is truly the time of year when a popular destination like Santorini, but in general the whole of Greece, offers a climate that will turn your holiday into a dream. Rainfall in July and August is almost non-existent. Maximum temperatures, as can be seen in the table below, reach an average of 27/28 degrees

Average temps Mag Jun Jul Aug
Santorini M G L A
Min (°C) 15 19 22 21
Max (°C) 22 27 28 27

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