Come living in Canary Islands. Why and how?


Come living at Canaries can definitely mean a major lifestyle choice as it can be a big change from the habits and the lifestyle we lead in our country.
But it can be a choice that brings thousands advantages! Below i will try to list a few:

– Cost of living . The Canary Islands enjoy a special tax regime examples are the igm tax to 7 percent, the near absence of state taxes on fuel and tobacco (today gasoline costs 0.95 € and cigarettes from 1.90 €  to 2.60 €), also many of the hidden feetaxes we are used to in Europe are much lower (the parking fee almost does not exists, the highways are free etc) .Surely another point in favor of the islands near Sahara’s desert it’s the fact that you do not have heating costs as temperatures are always pleasant even in winter, adding the fact that the supermarket can cost up to half of what it used to pay in “Europe”.


  • Lovely place –  Living in the Canary Islands,  talking about one of the major four islands: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote means staying for 365 days in a beautiful place, surrounded by lush vegetation depending on the islands, paradise beaches, surfing site top and scenarios of strong contrast of colors dictated by the volcanic origin of the islands, which contrasts with the ocean’s colors.


  • Nice and happy people  – Clearly living in a place where it’s always spring, you can live in contact with nature throughout the year and have to do with tourists in search of relax also leads the locals to be very much”relaxed” than the continental European standards. This it can be seen walking on the street, going to the supermarket or just in some city office. Often in fact, after returning from a vacation in the Canary Islands to be struck of the people’s expressions diversity than what we had seen during our stay on the islands.


  • Low crime – The Canary Islands are also known for being the place in Europe with the lowest crime rate, this allows tourists to be able  walk the streets in peace, we can occasionally forget the car open without necessarily get surprises to our return. Come to Canary islands means bringing up children in a place that offers less risks than most of the modern world.


  • Easy to go back to origin country –  Being just at three hours of fly from Spain and about 4 from the rest of Europe with airlines that offer round trips from 70/80 €, living in Canaries means being able to return to your country to easily and whenever you want. This makes you feel the separation from family and friends certainly less impact than in any other “exotic” transfer could be done.


If you read this article because you’re really thinking about the possibility of relocating to Canary islands surely the advice is to explore the idea, because it can always be worth, clearly very well studying step by step what you will be doing on the’ island, the best place to choose from and the economic possibility of transfer.

So, good luck!

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