Ireland’s weather and climate in September, October, November and December


Weather in Ireland from September to December

What is the weather like from September to December in Ireland? Is it true that it often rains? Unfortunately, describing the climate here is very difficult because it is quite unstable. There is no shortage of rain, humidity, strong gusts of wind especially on the west coast, fog and mist.

Therefore, planning a holiday is not at all easy, especially at this time of year (September to December), because sunny days are rather rare and instead, it is the pouring rain that sometimes seems to give no respite, while on other occasions the intensity lasts for a few minutes and then gives way to clear skies.

And it is precisely the speed with which the clouds rush by and on the other hand the diversity from moment to moment that makes this multifaceted place unique.

Let’s take a look at what the weather is like in Ireland, particularly in Dublin city, taking into account the period from September to December.

Climate in Ireland from September to October

Summer is almost over and temperatures start to drop a few degrees again. The maximum is 17° in September and 14° in October, while the minimum is 10° in September and drops by two degrees in October. As you can already see, it is necessary to bring some warm jumpers and coats, especially for the evenings or during the early dawn hours, because the weather is rather cool.

The wettest month is October, while in September it is still possible to enjoy a few days of sunshine

It is not recommended to take a dip in the Dublin sea waters because if the temperature in the previous month (August) is around 16°, in September it drops another 1°.

Climate in Ireland from November to December

The cold weather returns, but it is not freezing. The sky is very often cloudy, there is no shortage of rain, sometimes very violent due to strong gusts of wind

Cold spells are very rare but when they do occur they only last for a few days. The temperature never drops below zero, but stays around 3°/5°. It may occasionally go below zero, but this usually lasts for only a few days.

The hours of sunshine in both November and December are very few. The average is 2 hours a day

What is the ideal time to go?

In view of the above, the only period that is advisable to consider when planning a holiday is September, because the days are still long compared to November and December.

Average tempsSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
Min (°C)10753
Max (°C)1714108

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