Kite surf camps and schools in Canary Islands



Fuerteventura has always been a favorite destination for water sports lovers, those who practice or want to learn to surf, Kite Surf and Windsurfing cannot certainly take into account the opportunity to grapple with the waves of the “island of the wind” , the pearl of the Canary islands.

The wind blows constantly, although it must be said that is not unlikeble for those who want to occupy the beaches to make a simple swim in the ocean, but refreshing, wind mitigates much the torrid heat that comes from the nearby’s Sahara coasts. Returning to water sports the wind make Fuerteventura a small paradise where grapple with the waves and currents throughout of the year. For this reason and for the amount of tourism generated by this Fuerteventura is full of surf schools , kitesurf and windsurf who organize different camps using various surf house dotted around the island from north to south (the most famous are “Corralejo” and “El Cotillo” as well as in the “Sotavento” area.

On this article we want, however, move attention about ” Kitesurf “, a fantastic sport, of course a bit more expensive than the classic surf because of increased equipment needed, but certainly those who learn kitesurfing will discover absolutely the same emotions of others sports: Surf and Windsurf.

The kite (or kiteboarding or more commonly “kite”) is practiced by using a kite linked by cables to a bar or boom, whereby the kitesurfer, gripping it can exploit the wind force and glide over the crystal waters of Ocean.

Definitely we recommend to those who come to Fuerteventura to try this experience using one of the many schools that organize Kitecamp with cheaper prices compared to many other European and American destinations.

What aspects? Consult below the link to our selection of kitesurfing schools and try this fantastic sport, gliding on the fantastic waves of Fuerteventura .

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