London weather and climate in January, February, March and April


London weather from January to April

Want to go to London for a few days but don’t know what kind of weather you might find? Will it rain or will the weather be fine? Find out in this article, we will give you all the information you need.

London weather from January to February

In London, the weather is strongly influenced by the ocean so it is very easy to come across cloudy, wet and particularly rainy days

London is located further south than other cities, so it is more protected and this area is called the London Basin. In practice, the temperature in this area is slightly higher than in other surrounding areas.

From January to February the weather is quite cold but not freezing, which means that the temperature never drops below zero. The maximum is 5 degrees above zero. But due to the northern currents of polar origin, snowfall or frost may occur for a few days. Of course, the frosts are not intense and the severe and persistent cold can last for a maximum of 7 or 8 days per month

The sun will very rarely be seen during this period and the days are rather short. At 4pm in January it is already dark, while in February the sun sets around 5pm.

Rainfall is fairly frequent but not moderate, often light or intermittent.

The weather changes constantly, but February is generally the coldest month of the winter season.

London weather from March to April

There are still disturbances at this time of year but temperatures gradually tend to rise although there are sometimes days when the winter cold will get the better of you. There may even be snowfall in March.

March is the wettest month, so if you plan to stay during this period, equip yourself with an umbrella and everything you need to shelter from the rain and cold

Dusk falls around 6pm. Temperatures range between 4° and 11°C

Temperatures become more stable from the second half of May

It rains less and the days become longer, but the maximum will be 14°. The sun sets between 6pm and 8pm. Although the weather is starting to improve, it is always advisable to wear long-sleeved shirts

Average tempsJanFebTueApr
Min (°C)2246
Max (°C)881114

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