Los Angeles weather and climate in January, February, March and April.


Los Angeles climate from January to April

Los Angeles, the sun-kissed city, is characterised by very mild winters and warm, sunny summers. Who wouldn’t want to have a great holiday in the most popular city for tourists of all time?

It boasts a climate that is considered to be among the best in the world. In fact, the city can be visited at any time of the year as rainfall is rare and most of the time there is always sun shining on a purely clear sky.

Los Angeles weather from January to February

As mentioned earlier, it is very rare for it to be very cold during the winter period. In January during the night it can happen that due to icy cold winds temperatures approach zero, but they never drop below. Daytime temperatures, on the other hand, are around 20° when the day is sunny.

As for rainfall, it rains in both January and February, but not every day. However, the rainfall is not abundant, although there may be a few episodes that are more brisk than usual, but they only last for a few days. The wettest month is February

In January, there are approximately 7 hours of sunshine, and 8 in February. The sea waters are rather cold not only during the winter season, but also in summer.

It reaches 19° in August, while in January it is around 14°.

Climate in Los Angeles from March to April

The sun starts to be slightly stronger from spring. Temperatures fluctuate around 21° in March and 22° in April. From March onwards there is almost no rain.

A few waves of bad weather may occur from time to time, but the rainfall is not heavy. The sunshine is excellent in April with as many as 10 hours of sunshine

A hot, dry wind (Santa Ana) may occur, blowing for a few days from the deserts of Arizona and California, bringing temperatures above seasonal averages.

This wind can occur at any time of year, and the mercury can rise up to 40° in April.

The record heat occurred in September 2010, reaching highs of 45° in the city centre, so it is not unusual for such episodes to occur.

Average tempsJanFebTueApr
Los AngelesGFMA
Min (°C)10101113
Max (°C)20212123

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