Los Angeles weather and climate in May, June, July and August.


Los Angeles weather from May to August

Here is Los Angeles, the city kissed by the sun almost all year round. Mild and almost Mediterranean, with warm but not very rainy winters and sunny but not too sultry summers, this is the climate that characterises the beautiful Californian city.

There is no better time of year than another because temperatures are almost always quite pleasant all year round. If we really have to choose the best time to go, we might consider May and June because it is not very hot, the days are quite sunny and you can easily visit the City of Angels.

July and August, on the other hand, could be recommended months to plan a nice holiday? For those who do not want to encounter sultry heat waves caused by the Santa Ana, it would be desirable to avoid them. Moreover, as we are in the high season, prices tend to rise dramatically and for those looking for an affordable travel package, both July and August are certainly not ideal months.

Let us now look specifically at the weather from May to August in the great city of angels.

Climate in Los Angeles from May to June

May and June are warm and quite sunny months. Occasionally, it can happen that due to the cold sea and warming of the land, wet, foggy and cloudy weather arises, and this phenomenon favours a drizzle.

As for temperatures, there is a maximum of 24° in May and 26° in June. Rainfall of a stormy nature is almost entirely absent.

For those who would like to take a nice swim in the waters of the Los Angeles Sea, it is not advisable because the temperature is rather cool. The temperature in June is around 16°.

Climate in Los Angeles from July to August

The climate in summer is quite acceptable with the exception of when the Santa Ana blows, as illustrated above. In the latter case, the mercury rises sharply, reaching peaks of up to 40°

If this phenomenon does not occur, it is rare to exceed 30°. Of course, we are talking about a rather large area, so in some places it can touch or even exceed 30°.

It must also be said that the ‘June Gloom’ can occur, both in July and August, especially if the sea is very cold, colder than normal.

Average tempsMagJunJulAug
Los Angeles
Min (°C)14161818
Max (°C)24262829

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