Madrid climate and weather in May, June, July and August


Madrid climate from May to august

For those who like very high temperatures, then Madrid at this time of year represents the best solution you can consider for a great holiday of fun and relaxation relaxation.

One aspect that few people know about the Spanish capital is that it is it is one of the healthiest European cities. In fact, pure air blows from all all over thanks to the proximity of the Somosierra mountains, Guadarrama, and Toledo.

After this little bit of trivia, let’s see in detail what climate from May to August so that you can get an idea of what to put in your your suitcase and leave with peace of mind.

Madrid climate from May to june

During this period the temperatures are very pleasant, the days are sunny and disturbances occur infrequently.

The weather in May is very nice, it is not as hot and stifling stifling heat, the average seasonal temperature is 20°C

The days begin to be longer, in fact the sun sets around 20:24, while sunrise is at 05:59.

The month of May is therefore recommended for visiting Madrid.

In June, the average seasonal temperature is 24°, the air warmer and the sun sets a little later than in the previous month the previous month. In the evenings the temperatures drop, so even at this of the year, it is advisable to bring some heavier sweaters for evening outings.

Madrid climate from July to august

The average temperature in July is 25° and the maximums can reach up to 36°, with peaks of 40°. The summer is particularly hot and torrid, rainfall is almost entirely absent, although there is a slight possibility of showers. In July, there is an average of 12 hours of sunshine.

In the hottest period, the temperature drops to acceptable values, so it is advisable, even in this case, to dress in layers.

In mid-August the climatic conditions are characterised by an increase in temperature that only makes the days warmer but certainly more beautiful. For those who love the scorching heat then July and August are the two ideal months to take a holiday and visit the Spanish city.

For those, on the other hand, who cannot stand the heat, it is preferable to wait until towards the end of August when the climate starts to become slightly more pleasant.

Average tempsMagJunJulAug
Min (°C)10141718
Max (°C)22283232

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