Malta climate and weather in January, February, March and April.


Would you like to winter and plan a holiday in Malta in January, February, March or April? Are you wondering what the weather will be like? Whether you’ll find rain at that time? What the temperatures will be like at night?
No problem! Below is a detailed month-by-month guide to help you find out what the weather will be like in Malta.

Malta enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm, sunny summers and mild, rainy, short winters due to its location.

Malta weather in January and February

Generally in Malta, January and February are the coolest months. We cannot speak of ‘cold’ as we understand it at higher latitudes although sometimes in winter, especially when there is wind, it can be uncomfortable.

In January and February, the average minimum temperatures in Malta are around 9 degrees while the maximums are around 15, so during the day, when there are sunny days, we can almost speak of spring days. Rainfall, on the other hand, as in the entire Mediterranean basin, is fairly frequent at this time of year, although it must be said that the sky rarely remains overcast for days on end. The waters of the sea clearly register temperatures of around 16 degrees in January and February, which is prohibitive even for the most daring who wish to take advantage of the hottest hours of the sunny days to attempt a swim.

March and April

In March and April the weather in Malta slowly changes and enters the spring period although temperatures some days may still remind one of the previous months. The highs are around 17/19 degrees and the lows around 10/12. The sea water registers temperatures close to those of the previous months at around 15/16 degrees while rainfall gradually begins to fall with only 6 average days of rain in April.

Average temps Jan Feb Tue Apr
Malta G F M A
Min (°C) 9 9 10 12
Max (°C) 15 16 17 19

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