Malta climate and weather in May, June, July and August.


Are you planning a stay in Malta in May, June, July or August? Are you wondering what kind of weather you’ll find? What the temperatures will be at night? Whether you’ll be able to go swimming and what you should bring?

No problem! Below is a detailed month-by-month guide to help you find out what the weather will be like in Malta in spring/summer.

Malta’s climate in May and June

In May, Malta finally rediscovers spring in the true sense of the word! As the days pass, the weather continues to get warmer and warmer, and as we enter June we enter the real summer!

In May, temperatures in Malta have average lows of around 15/16 degrees, so entirely pleasant, while the highs are already over 22/23! You can therefore begin to spend pleasant days in the sun and for the less cold-hearted you can even start taking your first swims in the sea, although it has to be said that in the first half of the month the water temperatures are still cold. If you are a little chilly, it is better to wait until the middle of June, when the water starts to warm up in earnest, reaching temperatures in excess of 20 degrees.

Rainfall is scarce in these months of the year! The days are long and in the evenings, except for a few windy days, you can enjoy the various restaurant terraces to dine in a complete spring/summer atmosphere.

July and August

July and August in Malta are the real success months! Tourism is rampant, benefiting from the warm Mediterranean summer and the almost complete absence of rainfall! Minimum temperatures average over 20 degrees and maximum temperatures exceed 30! This is a very favourable time of year to travel to Malta, rainfall is almost non-existent except for the occasional thunderstorm. The waters of the Mediterranean reach a temperature of around 25 degrees, so bathing is very pleasant. So if you were wondering what kind of weather you will find in Malta during July and August, have no doubt, the weather will not disappoint!

Average temps Jan Feb Tue Apr
Malta G F M A
Min (°C) 15 18 21 22
Max (°C) 23 28 31 30

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