Mauritius Climate and Weather May, June, July and August.


Mauritius weather from May to August

Who would not want to plan a nice holiday in the beautiful Mauritius Islands? Many people think it is quite expensive to organise a sightseeing tour to this sublime place, in fact there are quite a few companies offering all-inclusive packages at very attractive prices.

However, before organising a well-deserved holiday, you first need to know what the weather is like, as the risk of cyclones is always lurking. In this post we will take as a reference point the main island, Plaisance, which is located close to the Tropic of Capricorn, thus at 20° south latitude.

Climate in Plaisance from May to June

We are in the winter season but we can best describe it as a mild summer, yes indeed, because the temperatures are not as low as one might mistakenly think. In May, the maximum is 27° and in June 25°, but although the mercury can drop a few degrees, the air is particularly pleasant.

In both May and June, the minimum never drops below 15°, but with the trade winds blowing all year round, it would be advisable to bring some sweaters if the intention is to go out in the evenings.

In May, rainfall still occurs quite often, especially during the afternoon, but the duration is rather short, while in June showers occur more infrequently.

Sunshine is not scarce, with 7 hours of sunshine in May and 6 in June. For lovers of the sea, it is also possible to go for a swim during this period, but the water temperature is around 26° in May and 25° in June

Climate in Plaisance from July to August

The temperature in both July and August drops a few degrees, so the maximum is around 24° and the minimum around 18°

Thunderstorms can occur mainly in July, while in August such phenomena occur more rarely.

Diving into the beautiful waters of the Mauritus at this time is not advisable for the chilly, as the temperature is around 23°

The sunshine is not entirely exceptional. There are six hours of sunshine in both July and August.

What is the best time to go?

Considering that the cyclone season has passed, one could plan a holiday from the second half of May until the first half of June. All other months are not desirable because it can be a bit cool and clouds alternate with sunshine.

Average tempsMagJunJulAug
Min (°C)22201919
Max (°C)27262525

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