Portugal climate and weather in May, June, July and August


The weather in Portugal from May to August

are you finally able to take a few days off from your daily routine and want to go to Portugal? But what is the weather from May to August and is it favourable during this period? Let’s find out right away with this useful article.

Portugal from May to June

Bear in mind that, depending on the destination, the weather changes. The northern parts of Portugal are much cooler than the interior. However, May and June is a good time to go on holiday, as temperatures are quite pleasant in all cities.

This season offers the opportunity to explore several places of historical interest, but for sea, beach and sun lovers, it is better to wait until July and August, when the water temperature tends to rise a few degrees higher

For example, in May in Lisbon the maximum temperature is 22°, while the water is around 17°C. It rises a degree more in June, and gradually in the following months, reaching a maximum in August (20°C).

Portugal Sea temperatures from July to August

For those who love the heat, these are the best months for a good swim in the sea. In Lisbon, for example, as mentioned above, the temperature in July and August barely reaches 20°C, a temperature somewhat higher than in Porto

In the northern part of the coast, on the other hand, the sea is very cool even in summer, reaching 18° C in July and 19° C in August

Temperatures in the cities from July to August

In July and August it is hot everywhere, especially in the centre-south. If you move towards the north coast, the temperature is mild rather than sultry

Particularly in the inland areas of the central south, the summer is very hot, with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is rare and windy days are also less frequent.

In the far south, along the Atlantic coast, the climate is Mediterranean, less sultry than in the true Mediterranean areas. Summer is sunny, although there are some lively breezes

If, on the other hand, the preferred tourist destination is the north coast (Porto or other neighbouring areas), highs in July and August range between 24 and 25 degrees Celsius. In Lisbon, the average of the two months is higher, reaching a maximum temperature of 27/28 degrees Celsius

Average temperaturesMayJunJulyAugust
Min (°C)14171819
Max (°C)22262828

Medeira from May to August

An island with a unique and sublime charm, where the climate is always pleasant. In May there is a maximum temperature of 22°, while in August the highest peak is 25-26°. The water temperature is 18° in May, rising a few degrees at other times, reaching a maximum of 22° in August.

Average TemperaturesMayJunJulyAugust
Min (°C)15171819
Max (°C)22232526

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