Properties for sale in Fuerteventura. How to buy the best?


Are you interested in buying a house in one of the most beautiful Canary Islands? Would you like to buy a house in Fuerteventura as an investment? Or simply to come and spend your holidays or to move around to the island? However, don’t you know how to move? Witch are the best channels to consult? Or do you simply don’t know the laws and are afraid to stumble upon some rip-off? Here are some tips that will help you in your intent to buy a property without cheatings!


Well, when you arrive on the island you are faced with an infinity of possibilities, if the rental market does not offer so much, that of the sales totally changes compared to the first. So surely a winning choice is to select the best real estate agencies and not to stop only to the first that happens to us. The invitation is to be wary of the various “professionals” who are multiplying on the island without proper organization or location because sometimes you run the risk of incurring people who are not completely transparent, even if fortunately it is not always like this. We invite you to always keep your eyes open because even here the cheats could be around the corner.



The selection of the area is very important when you decide to buy a house in Fuerteventura. On the island there are in fact many advantageous areas and others less but the thing to look at a lot if the purchase is made to do business is definitely the possibility to rent vacacional (for holidays) the houses that you buy. In Fuerteventura there are in fact areas where renting to tourists is forbidden and you can only rent long term. In other areas, instead, tourist rent, although involving greater work, will certainly generate more substantial income. Also because these days the holiday homes in Fuerteventura are almost always full. So be very well informed in what area is your home because, although many investors continue to do it, renting tourists in a residential area can generate very high fines.


The choice of the agency is as said very important and should always select at least 3 choosing from the most prominent and known. Look directly at the road signs posted on houses for sale and try to understand which logo is repeated several times, rely on the agencies that are chosen by the owners is to indirectly exploit the advice of those who already live on the island and know.

Relying only against the advice of a person perhaps known by chance in a pub (as many do) can instead prove to be a harmful choice in some cases. Once you have selected the 3 best agencies, also paying attention to the image and the decoration that they express, let yourself be guided by the best houses that will offer, paying attention and comparing the costs that they offer for the deed and sales and purchase practices.



As prudence is never too much .. once you have viewed and chosen the house to buy, it is always better to feel the advice of another local professional. Making him inspect the documents of the property and make a check to the whole practice so that he himself verifies the absence of any problem. The expense of a few dozen euros for this operation is certainly advisable to remove any doubt about the purchase and the agency even if at the same had escaped something.


We have decided to offer you below a form where you can ask us for advice on the choice of the agency, both on the property searching, we often have good opportunities that could also be for you. Fill in if the form to send us your request and we will reply as soon as possible.

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Recommended Agency

Also following this link of an important real estate agency in Fuerteventura you will find many interesting properties. Now let’s see instead the various types of BUSINESS that can be developed through the houses for sale in Fuerteventura trying to give you some more tips:

HOLIDAY HOMES(to be rented to tourists)

This is perhaps the type of property privileged for those who invest in Fuerteventura, especially those coming from abroad! In fact, today it is still possible to buy at competitive prices, and with the same investment than in UK, save almost 60% (if not more, for the same property). This means to give an example (but it is only an example) that you can find individual villas with community pool next to the sea to figures around 90 thousand pounds, clearly in a fairy tale like the island of Fuerteventura. These “viviendas” (if they are part of the areas authorized for tourist rent) can then easily be rented to tourists for around £ 60 a day, which on a monthly base gives us back the full cost of any mortgage purchased. The other advantage of join these “opportunities” is that, as for all types of tourist properties, the tourist increase forecasts are rosy at the moment and this could also mean a positive revaluation of the value of the property in the future!



Buying a property in Fuerteventura at this time can certainly be an excellent investment, but you must always be careful to do things at their best. Follow all our advices and we hope to have contributed to your great deal!


Good luck!

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