Rio de Janeiro’s weather and climate in January, February, March and April


Rio de Janeiro climate from January to April

Who would like to visit Brazil’s great capital, Rio de Janeiro, at least once in their life, raise your hand! The city is located by the sea and the climate is warm almost all year round, so any time of year is ideal to stay in this beautiful city. The busiest months are from December to March where peaks of 30° can be reached. But let’s see in detail what the temperatures are like from January to April.

Rio de Janeiro climate from January to February

January and February are particularly hot and sultry months. During this period the humidity level is quite high. The sea water is very pleasant and a good swim is not to be missed. The water temperature is 25° in January, rising by 1° in February

This period, then, is the peak of the high season, schools and offices are closed and the atmosphere is always festive

The thermometer rises, sometimes even reaching 37/38°. As it is a tropical climate, however, there is no shortage of rainfall, although it must be said that it is short-lived, so as well as bringing swimwear, good sun cream and light clothes, don’t forget to pack a mackintosh and an umbrella.

Climate Rio de Janeiro from March to April

From January to March there are 7 hours of sunshine a day and 6 in April. In March, the season is very rainy, the rainfall has a thunderstorm character but the duration is short even during this period, so much so that the sun then returns to shine on a blue and completely clear sky

April is a good compromise for those who want warm but not too sultry weather. Maximum temperatures are around 28°C. It is still a great time to go for a swim in the sea or do some water sports

In this month, the water temperature is around 25°C. In the evenings the weather may be a little cool, so it is advisable to pack a sweatshirt and some jumpers.

When not to go to Rio de Janeiro?

There is no recommended time not to go to this place. The city is not characterised by cyclones, so you can stay there safely all year round

Average tempsJanFebTueApr
Rio de JaneiroGFMA
Min (°C)23242322
Max (°C)29302928

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