Santorini climate and weather in january, february, march and april


The climate on Santorini is quite pleasant all year round, ranging from mild winters to warm and sunny summers, but the real cold is not known except on very rare occasions.

The island can therefore be visited all year round, although it must be said that the spring and summer months are clearly the most favoured.

We will now look in detail at the different periods of the year in the hope of being of help in choosing the best time to visit Fuerteventura.

January and February

The months of January and February are by far the coolest months of the year to visit the island, the maximum temperatures remain between 13 and 15 degrees during the day, while the minimums at night drop to around 8/9 degrees. This climate allows the island of Santorini to benefit from a fairly mild climate even in January and February, even though it is actually the coldest time of the year!

We should point out the rainfall, which in this period can be quite substantial as in the entire Mediterranean belt, and we cannot exclude a few almost ‘frosty’ days, especially in the presence of strong northerly wind currents!

March and April

In March and April the situation gradually changes, the weather suddenly becomes much milder and we can often have absolutely spring-like days! The sea temperatures begin to rise, especially in April, touching 17 degrees. Clearly it is still early to go swimming but sometimes, with the help of a few sunny days and clear skies, you can start enjoying the beaches for your first tan. The rains become less and less frequent, especially in the second half of April!

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Average temps Jan Feb Tue Apr
Santorini J F M A
Min (°C) 14 14 15 15
Max (°C) 20 21 22 22

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