Singapore climate and weather in January, February, March and April.


Singapore weather from January to April

Who wouldn’t love to go to Singapore, it is one of the most populated and wealthiest cities in the world. Its location is in the equatorial belt, which means that its climate does not vary much throughout the year. However, although the climate is uniform, due to two monsoons it is possible for changes to occur in the period from November to the beginning of March bringing heavy rains and humidity, and in the period from May to October where thunderstorms are less intense as well as wind gusts.

Let us look specifically at what kind of weather prevails from January to April in Singapore.

Singapore climate from January to February

In both January and February, the minimum temperature never drops below 23°, while the maximum is around 30°. What is very annoying is the humidity, as it fluctuates around 70 per cent, and those who are not used to this kind of climate cannot easily live or stay here for any length of time

During these two months, rainfall is very heavy due to the monsoon and occurs mainly in the afternoon or evening, bringing with it some coolness, but this is short-lived as it is the humidity that is the main factor.

As for the hours of sunshine, they are not good since there are only a few hours of sunshine on average per day. Only February is the sunniest with 6.5 hours

Singapore weather from March to April

During the months of March and April, it is not uncommon to touch 32°, but what is annoying is the humidity in the air that makes the surroundings uncomfortable. It is also very hot at night and temperatures never drop below 20°.

In both March and April the rains prevail, they are slightly less intense, but it is always advisable to carry a mackintosh and an umbrella. Sunshine hours average six

Although Singapore is not a beach area, the sea water temperature is warm all year round. In March it is around 28° while in April it rises by 1°.

What is the best time to visit Singapore?

In view of the above, the best time to visit Singapore is February because it has an average of 6.5 hours of sunshine and has 12 days of ‘rain’

Average tempsJanuaryFebruaryMarchDecember
Min (°C)23242424
Max (°C)30313132

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