Singapore climate and weather in May, June, July and August.


Singapore weather from May to August

What is the weather in Singapore from May to August? Is it possible to plan a holiday at this time of year? Certainly, the city offers many attractions and staying here for some time means immersing yourself in a whole new culture. Apart from this, however, it is worth bearing in mind that Singapore is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world

Let us now see what the temperatures are and whether you can travel during these months as there is no shortage of cyclone season. Here is all the information about this period.

Climate in Singapore from May to June

May is a recommended month to travel because there are no cyclones. Little rainfall occurs in this month compared to the rest of the year. As for temperatures, the maximum is 32° in May and 31° in June, while the minimum is 25°. But one has to reckon with humidity, the rate being around 80-85%

There are six hours of sunshine in both May and June. Those who want to dive into the warm waters can do so, the temperature is around 30°

However, we would like to point out that the weather in June is affected by the south-east monsoon. This brings both rain and strong winds. The result is, more humidity and more rain.

Weather in Singapore July and August

In both July and August, it continues to be hot and the humidity is very high. The thermometer never drops below 24° and during the night the mugginess is very noticeable. Fortunately, the buildings and various hotels are air-conditioned, so some comfort can be felt in the surroundings

In the harbour area and the districts along the coast, the heat is mitigated by sea breezes, but in the rest of the country, mugginess and exhausting heat dominate.

Even in July and August, there are six hours of sunshine. The sun being equatorial is very strong, it is a must to carry very high sun protection. In addition, in view of the high humidity, a good repellent must not be missing from your suitcase, because there is no shortage of mosquitoes

So, what is the ideal time to leave?

Singapore is a tourist destination that you can visit all year round, but to avoid the cyclone season, you should plan your holiday in May

Min (°C)25252424
Max (°C)32313131

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