Singapore climate and weather in September, October, November and December.


Singapore weather from September to December

Is it advisable to travel to Singapore at this time of year?

The climate is equatorial throughout the year, which means that the country is dominated by humid heat and rain, so there is no dry season

Singapore attracts millions of tourists every year because of the many attractions it offers. However, you need to know how to choose the right time to plan a good holiday because there is no shortage of cyclones.

Let’s take a detailed look at everything you need to know about this country.

Climate in Singapore from September to October

The temperature is fairly uniform throughout the rest of the year, so even in September and October, it is still very hot. The minimum is 24° while the maximum is around 31°. At night, highs of 20° are never reached even though all hotels are equipped with air-conditioning.

What makes the climate unpleasant is the humidity, the rate is very high, although it must be said that in the harbour area or in the districts along the coast, thanks to the sea breezes, the sultriness is rather mitigated, but in the rest of the country humid heat dominates.

There is no shortage of occasional thunderstorms and gusts of wind occurring early in the morning or late at night, while downpours prevail during the afternoon.

In October, the rains continue but are slightly less intense than in the previous month. Sunshine hours drop to 5.

Singapore weather from November to December

From November to December, the rains start to be more frequent and heavy again. Their duration is much longer and in most cases they occur in the afternoon or evening.

Although thunderstorms occur with intensity, the minimum temperature in November and December is 24°, while the maximum reaches up to 31°. The country is always dominated by heat and humidity, although rains can bring some coolness. November and December are the rainiest months.

There are about four hours of sunshine

The peak of cyclones is in December, but as the sea waters are warm all year round, tropical storms can form at any time.

The best time to book a holiday here is from September to October. November and December are best avoided as they are very rainy and the humidity is high.

Average tempsJanFebTueApr
Min (°C)24242424
Max (°C)31313130

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