Thailand climate and weather in September, October, November and December.


Have you chosen Thailand as your autumn holiday destination and would like to know what the weather is like? If it will rain? If the sea will have a good temperature?

No problem, thanks to our detailed month-by-month guide on Thailand’s climate, you can find out what the weather is like!

As mentioned in the 2 articles on the previous months (winter)(summer), Thailand’s climate has three distinct seasons, a dry season (November to February), a hot season (March to May) and a rainy season (June to October).

In this article, as Thailand is very large, we will consider the capital region Bangkok and the main tourist resorts such as Phuket and Koh Samui.

September and October

September in Thailand experiences very similar weather conditions to the other two previous months (July and August) we are always within the rainy season and it rains on average more than 1 day every 2, actually September in Bangkok is the month when it rains the most in the year with an average of about 345 mm of rain in a single month. The rainfall can be quite heavy and in between there may be a few intervals of very hot and humid weather. In October, however, the situation gradually begins to change and towards the last days of the month, the dry season arrives. Rainfall, which is always present, begins to decrease, however, and humidity is actually slightly lower. The sea water, as all year round in Thailand, remains around 30 degrees, so swimming is always possible here!

November and December weather in Thailand

November and December in Thailand see the actual transition to the dry season. Rainfall falls and clear skies are the norm! Humidity also drops and temperatures are more pleasant again. This period, together with January and February, is undoubtedly the best for a great holiday in Thailand.

The sea water, always around an average temperature of 30 degrees, is very pleasant and, let’s face it, with Bangkok averaging 23 and 21 degrees minimum and 32 and 31 degrees maximum, Thailand is really a great place for an alternative to winter.

Average temps Set Oct Nov Dec
Bangkok S O N D
Min (°C) 25 24 23 21
Max (°C) 32 32 32 31

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