Weather and climate Berlin September, October, November and December


Berlin climate from September to December

Knowing Berlin’s climate and temperature will help you better understand the best time to go on holiday and pack the right clothes so that you are not caught unprepared once you arrive at your destination.

Certainly the most recommended month to take a holiday and get away from the usual daily routine is September where temperatures are still pleasant and pleasant and the days are not particularly rainy.

Let’s take a detailed look at the climate in Berlin from September to December.

Berlin climate from September to October

In September, the weather is particularly pleasant. Unseasonably warm weather may occur at times, but it does not last more than a day. There is generally little precipitation at this time and the sky is still tinged with blue. Grey and bad weather, on the other hand, will begin to predominate around the second half of October.

With the arrival of autumn, the landscape begins to turn yellow and red

In October, the flow of Atlantic perturbations resumes with a certain frequency and intensity, although a few beautiful days can still be glimpsed this month. The hours of sunshine decrease.

It is advisable to take jumpers and sweatshirts with you, especially if you go out in the evening as the temperature starts to drop by several degrees.

Berlin weather from November to December

In November it often rains and darkness falls over the city. Temperatures plummet, in fact they hover around zero. The days are very short. Cold and greyness pervade Berlin.

The first snowfalls are also possible. If you like snow in the city, the scenery can look spectacular, but walking around the centre or visiting museums can be a little difficult.

In December, the temperature drops even below zero, causing considerable discomfort. Cold peaks as low as -10°C are possible, but this temperature is not so common. Cold currents, however, also lead to snowfall and frost, even very intense ones.

There can also be somewhat mild periods, and this is due to the passage of Atlantic currents that can contribute to temperatures rising above 10°. There are also situations in which Atlantic disturbances bring snow or rain mixed with snow or rain that freezes. In short, the events that can occur during the winter season are diverse, but regardless of the cause, the weather remains cold

Berlin September October November December

Min (°C) 11 6 2 0

Max (°C) 19 13 7 4

Average tempsSetOctNovDec
Min (°C)11620
Max (°C)191374

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