Weather and climate in Maldives in May, June, July and August.


Wondering what kind of weather you will encounter on your next holiday to the Maldives? Will it rain or will it be nice? Or have you yet to book and are you simply looking for information about the climate in the Maldives archipelago?

Well, in any case, we will try to help you with our month-by-month guide to the climate in the Maldives.

The Maldives have a tropical climate, warm all year round. However, they have a drier season, from October to March, and a monsoon season, from April to September.

May and June in the Maldives

The months of May and June in the Maldives are characterised by the presence of the monsoon, which brings showers at times intense accompanied by winds that can be strong. They are in fact not very suitable months either for a relaxing beach holiday or for diving enthusiasts.

The average temperatures, which in the Maldives are stable for almost the entire year, are around 26 degrees minimum and 30 degrees maximum, and humidity in this period can exceed 80%. As mentioned, the winds can blow strongly accompanying the disturbances and can cause damage and inconvenience, also considering the flat conformation of the atolls.

July and August in the Maldives

The summer months in the Maldives continue along the same lines as the previous months, with the monsoon continuing to be present and spoiling the weather. The months of July and August are not recommendable for a holiday in this Indian Ocean resort either. The humidity is always very high and between one disturbance and the next, the sultriness can be very uncomfortable. The monsoon can also give rise to very extended periods of cloudiness.

So if you were thinking of the Maldives for your summer holiday, it would be better to consider postponing your destination for the winter when the climate is more pleasant.

Average temps May June July August
Maldives M G L A
Min (°C) 26 25 25 25
Max (°C) 30 30 30 30

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