Weather and climate in Maldives in September, October, November and December.


Do you have a week’s holiday in September? A leave for October, November or December and you are thinking of the Maldives paradise to take a week of relaxation?

Well, here is some information on the weather to help you decide whether the Maldives in autumn is the right choice for you.

The Maldives have a tropical climate, warm all year round. However, they have a drier season, from October to March, and a monsoon season, from April to September.

September and October in the Maldives

In September, the south-west monsoon is still present in the Maldives and therefore the weather continues to be rainy and characterised by extensive cloudiness. Even September, therefore, although it maintains maximum temperatures in the 30s, due to the weather and the monsoon it is not particularly suitable for beach and diving enthusiasts.

In October , the climate has a slight change, in the sense that the type of bad weather changes! The south-west monsoon that generally characterises the months from May to September gives way to the north-east monsoon. This monsoon is generally quieter, usually brings evening or afternoon showers and the winds, if any, are much weaker than in previous months.

October is therefore always a difficult month for a holiday in the Maldives, but certainly better than the previous months.

November and December in the Maldives

In November and December the weather is very similar to the month just gone, the presence of the north-east monsoon continues, albeit with slightly less intensity. Towards the end of December, on the other hand, there is a decrease in rainfall and the monsoon gradually recedes, making way for months of calm weather suitable for beach life.

Average temps September October November December
Maldives S O N D
Min (°C) 25 25 25 25
Max (°C) 30 30 30 30

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