Weather and climate in Mexico in September, October, November and December


Mexico’s climate varies depending on the region, but in general the country experiences two main types of climate: a temperate climate in the mountains and highlands and a tropical climate in the coastal areas. The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. However, if you are trying to avoid the crowds, September, October, November and December are also good months to travel.

The Climate of Mexico

Mexico is a country in a tropical and subtropical climate zone. Most of the country has fairly warm temperatures throughout the year, with some variations depending on the region. For example, in the mountainous areas of the country, temperatures are generally lower than in the lowland areas.

Summers (June – September) are hot and humid in most parts of the country, while coastal areas are generally cooler due to the influence of sea winds. In autumn (Octubre-Noviembre), temperatures begin to drop a little, but in general the climate remains fairly warm.

Winter (December – February) is the driest season in Mexico, with temperatures varying from mild to cold depending on the area.

Sunset light on arid hills in barren high desert landscape of southern New Mexico, NM, USA

Climate in Mexico in September

Mexico is a country located in the northern hemisphere and therefore the climate varies depending on the season. In September, the weather in Mexico is hot and humid because it is the end of summer.
In coastal areas, such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, the average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, but it can be even higher. The sea water is warm, around 27 degrees Celsius.
In the interior areas of the country, such as Mexico City, the climate is a little cooler, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.
Higher up in the mountains, temperatures are even lower and can be as low as 10 degrees Celsius in some areas.
In general, September is a fairly rainy month throughout Mexico.

Climate in Mexico in October

The climate in Mexico in October is very hot and dry. Temperatures are generally between 28 and 33 degrees Celsius during the day, but can rise up to 38 degrees Celsius. The nights are a little cooler, but temperatures never drop below 20 degrees Celsius. There is little precipitation during this month, so it is necessary to take plenty of water with you when travelling in Mexico in October.

Climate in Mexico in November

November is a very special month for the climate in Mexico. Temperatures start to drop, but there is still the risk of a few hot days. It rains less than in previous months, but there is still the risk of some thunderstorms. In general, the climate is quite mild and pleasant.

Climate in Mexico in December

The climate in Mexico during the month of December is generally mild, with temperatures ranging from an average minimum of 20 °C to a maximum of 28 °C. Most of the country is dry during this month, but there are some areas that may experience sporadic rainfall.

What to visit in Mexico

Mexico is a country that offers a lot to its visitors. There are many places to see and things to do throughout the country. The people of Mexico are very hospitable and there is always something new to discover.

Visit this section of the blog to learn more about attractions to visit during your trip to Mexico. You will find information on the best places to visit, what to do and much more.


As we have seen, Mexico is a country with a very varied climate. In September, October, November and December, the climate is still mild in most parts of the country, with maximum temperatures rarely dropping below 20°C. However, in the mountainous areas of Mexico, the climate can be cooler and minimum temperatures can drop as low as 5°C.

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