Weather and climate in Sharm el Sheikh in September, October, November and December.


Holidays in Egypt in September, October, November or December? Are you wondering what kind of climate and weather you will find? Have you yet to book and are looking for information on how warm the sea water will be in autumn in Sharm? Temperatures at night?

Well, then I invite you to read our month-by-month guide to Sharm el Sheikh’s climate.

Sharm el Sheikh weather in September and October

September and October in Sharm, even though we are entering autumn, are absolutely months with a summer climate and temperatures that call for sea and tan. At these latitudes, in fact, the minimum temperatures are also well above 20 degrees in these months, and the maximums are well above 30 even in September and October. The climate is dry, so we can say that perhaps these are among the best months to enjoy a wonderful holiday in Egypt by the sea.

Rainfall is, as it is throughout the year, almost non-existent and the sea water reaches optimum temperatures for snorkellers and divers. In fact, the sea continues to have a temperature of 27/28 degrees during these two months and in the evenings one can enjoy the beautiful climate.

November and December in Sharm el Sheikh

November and December show a slight drop in climate, average maximum temperatures remain around 27 degrees in November and 24 in December, so you can always swim and sunbathe without any problems. Rainfall is always non-existent or very rare. It must be said that in the evenings, especially in December, it is necessary to cover up. In fact, temperatures tend to drop to around 15 degrees, and in some cases, thanks to some incursions of cold air, they can reach 10 degrees. The waters of the sea, as throughout the year, remain warm, however, registering temperatures of 24 to 25 degrees. Bathing and snorkelling enthusiasts are therefore in the right place even in this period between autumn and winter.

Average temps September October November December
Sharm el Sheikh S O N D
Min (°C) 27 23 19 15
Max (°C) 35 32 27 23

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