Weather and climate Portugal in January, February, March and April


Climate Portugal: January to April

Do you want to spend a holiday in Portugal with your family or friends, but have no idea when to leave?


It must be said that this country proves to be the ideal destination for those who dream of a journey on the move between fun, sea, cliffs, sublime panoramas and historical cities.

Let’s take a detailed look at the climate from January to April in order to choose the best period.


Climate in Portugal from January to February

It should be noted that the climate in this beautiful place is influenced by ocean currents where winters are particularly mild on the coasts and summers are hot and not sultry. However, inland, the winters become colder although the temperature never drops below zero, while in summer the climate is particularly torrid and hot.

In the northern part of Portugal, snow may fall in the inland areas and a strong wind may blow, but moving towards the south, the climate becomes more pleasant.

Specifically, the average temperature in January goes from 9° in Porto, to 11° in Lisbon, to 12° in Faro.

In both January and February, it rains often. If the intention is to stay in Lisbon or on the southern coasts, it is advisable to bring a mackintosh, umbrella, mid-season clothes, windbreaker, jumper. If, on the other hand, one wishes to spend a holiday in the interior and mountainous areas, one should bring heavier and warmer clothes

However, this period is not always rainy, because thanks to the Azores anticyclone, which is able to reach the country, there can also be good weather with a rather pleasant temperature on the coast, similar to our spring, while the temperature becomes cooler in the northern area.

Climate in Portugal from March to April

March and April are characterised by higher temperatures than in Italy. The days get longer and it is almost always sunny. Rainfall with gale-force winds rarely occurs during these months

Average temps Jan Feb Tue Apr
Lisbon G F M A
Min (°C) 8 9 11 12
Max (°C) 15 16 19 20

Madeira Island: mild temperatures in January-April

If you want mild temperatures all year round and a nice swim in the Atlantic Ocean, then the charming island of Madeira is the right place to consider. The average daytime temperature in January and February is 19°C

But there is a small climate gap between the north of Medeira and the south that meteorologists call mesoclimate. In the North, it rains more often while in the South, the climate is as hot as in subtropical countries.

Average temps Jan Feb Tue Apr
Madeira G F M A
Min (°C) 13 13 13 13
Max (°C) 19 19 20 20

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