Zanzibar climate and weather in September, October, November and December.


Do you have a holiday period and are planning a holiday in an exotic destination? Have you thought about Zanzibar as a solution and would like to find out about the climate? Knowing whether it will rain or be nice?

With our month-by-month guide on the climates of the world, we try to help you find out what the weather will be like!

Zanzibar has a tropical climate, warm all year round with two rainy seasons. By reading our guide, you’ll quickly understand the best time of year for a great holiday in Zanzibar.

September and October

In September in Zanzibar the climate is still very favourable for a holiday, there is very little rain, the heat is pleasant and less sultry than at other times and the sea a very pleasant temperature. So if you were thinking of an escape to Zanzibar in September to prolong the summer, you are in front of a very good solution.

In October, the climate gradually changes, especially towards the end of the month there may already be some rain, which will become more intense in the following months, the months of the second rainy season. The humidity therefore gradually begins to rise, so if you have chosen October as the month to visit Zanzibar, it is not a bad idea, but it is much better to try to take advantage of the first half of the month to encounter fewer showers and find a less humid climate.

November and December

November is one of the rainiest months of the year in Zanzibar, which is why it is inadvisable to choose it as a holiday period if your idea is to spend long days under the beach umbrella, as November is the start of the second season that will end in the following month.

In December in Zanzibar the rainfall is slightly less intense than last month, especially in the second half of the month when the transition to the new hot season slowly begins, but it is still not advisable to think about a holiday in this month, if you do, arm yourself with a kway and umbrella 🙂 !

Average temps January February March December
Zanzibar G F M A
Min (°C) 23 23 23 24
Max (°C) 32 33 32 30

Well, now that you have an idea of what the weather will be like in Zanzibar in autumn, you can take a look at what the weather will be like in Zanzibar in summer, or winter.

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