Zanzibar weather and climate in May, June, July and August


Do you have a holiday period and have been thinking about Zanzibar as a destination? But are you wondering what the weather will be like and what temperatures you will find? Will you be able to bathe freely during these months?

With our detailed guide to the climate in Zanzibar, we will try to help you understand the weather conditions that await you.

Zanzibar has a tropical climate, warm all year round with two rainy seasons. By reading our guide, you’ll quickly understand the best time of year for a great holiday in Zanzibar.

May and June

May in Zanzibar is generally the last month of the first rainy season, still not recommended for those who want to enjoy the beach and the sea, although it rains less than in April the rains are usually still very present and can be quite violent.

June, on the other hand, slowly marks the end of the rainy period and the beginning of the drier season in the resort. Average temperatures in June in Zanzibar range from a low of 22 degrees to a high of 29 and the sea water is about 27 degrees. Ideal, therefore, for bathing. It may still rain from time to time, but considerably less than in previous months.

July and August are a great time to choose for a nice holiday in Zanzibar, perhaps the best. The weather is warm but less so than in January and February, the sea is pleasant and there is little rain. The average maximum temperatures hover around 29 degrees while the minimums stay at 20 / 21. The sea is at its most refreshing, and is very pleasant with a temperature of around 25 degrees.

Average temps May June July August
Zanzibar M G L A
Min (°C) 23 22 21 20
Max (°C) 29 29 29 30

Well, now you have an idea about the weather you will find in Zanzibar in spring/summer, you can take a look at what the weather will be like in Zanzibar in autumn, or in winter.

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